TToT: The Essentials

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9.6 10.7 Have a good weekend!

Ten Things of Thankful
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38 thoughts on “TToT: The Essentials

    1. #1 is my father’s namesake Sam. Isn’ t #5 a hoot? A friend gave that to me yesterday! Jane has to schlep real estate signs to the new houses on the block… schlep Jane schlep, schlep, schlep, schlep…

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  1. Two pictures, no make that three, of Douglas. Are you sure it is appropriate to include the same thing three times? Hmmmm. Well, it’s your blog; I guess you get to set the rules. Besides, I’m a Bear; what do I really know?
    Number three looks a bit troubling; I hope things are OK. Mostly that you are OK.
    Blessings and Bear hugs from the far north, where pictures 7 and 8 look totally normal.


    1. #3 is a way of life. It’s the usual for me. More troubling is the bureaucracy that accompanies it … come on back later this week and I will tell you about it. I seem to be on the warpath this morning. I bet 7 and 8 look a bit subdued to a non-hibernating ursine such as yourself! Stay warm!


  2. Also, forgot to mention that as 10th or 11th or something to link up, you got another Sisterhood award thing-y from me. Won’t hurt my feelings a smidge if you want to duck out, but I wanted to make sure you knew.


  3. I tried to comment yesterday, but WordPress was being annoying. I love all these images. I think I’ve seen that Dick and Jane book before, but I so want a copy. Love Yiddish. Now I need to snuggle in a blanket.


  4. 1. Aww, the baby who’s named after someone and it isn’t even his name!
    2. Another awwww!
    3. Boo! Hiss!
    4. Who DOESN’T live this way?!
    5. Truly awesome! “Schlep, Jane! Schlep, schlep, schlep.”
    6., 7., 8. Makes me a little jealous. I WANT A SNOW DAY.
    10. Awwww again.


  5. I peeked at this on my phone from my sickbed this weekend and was like “wha???” I see that #5 was for real and not fever-induced. Hilarious and I must see that – can it schlepp to me when Sarah’s finished? I have to show my Hub and the Jewish relatives. They will get a kick out of that one.


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