It is Time.


I found a need to summon my strength.

You can check it out here.



I prayed for the strength I need.

I prayed for presence and clarity of mind without undue hostility to cloud my vision.

I meditated on these principles.

Read and slept.



I woke at 6:00 AM

Showered, brushed teeth and very short hair.

Took and injected necessary meds.

Took lovely little elderly K9 for a short walk as that is all either of us is capable of at this time. The bracing cold is good for my head.

Fed K9

Made tea to sooth my nausea which today seems a bit stronger than usual. Anticipation?

Short prayer to avoid any blinding anger that will come with increasing anxiety. Please let my anger be productive.

Collect the necessary tools:

*insurance card

*insurance website

* paper and pen

* phone numbers

* prescriptions and treatment regimes, pending doctor’s orders

*computer and telephone

*the patience of Job

I plug the necessary phone numbers into speed dial. In a few moments it will be 8:00 AM.


 ***UPDATE: It is now 10:30. My experience this morning was surprisingly uneventful.I even spoke to this young man’s supervisor to say how truly polite if not particularly helpful (his hands are tied) he was. People at this company have been nothing if not hostile in the past. He was a breath of fresh air! Choosing calm makes all the difference. The company will not be able to change THEIR error for 7-10 days and therefore I am not covered for meds or treatment in that time. I would be lying if I thought for a second this transition will happen smoothly. The anxiety of waiting for them to eff this up is a bit overwhelming. It pays to continue praying and meditating.

Being a glutton for punishment, I also spoke to the Nazi Sallie Mae who has refused to change my payments despite the fact that I had to take a $35,000.00 annual pay cut when I changed careers for health reasons. That is another story, health related idiocy, but another story. 

I am still organizing a movement toward change… any suggestions are welcome. I just need to figure out this stuff and the logistics first. Thanks! 


12 thoughts on “It is Time.

  1. I like that you showered and brushed your teeth for the phone call. I would have done the same thing, and probably written a little script to get me started, at least.
    Go get ’em! Let me know if I can help.


  2. Calm, methodical, determined, to the point! Go get ’em girl, righteous anger is appropriate here. I hear these scenarios every day and it makes me scream and cry inside… it breaks my heart. The medical care situation – the compassion (or lack of it) in this country is appalling, it is inexcusable, and it needs to change. We need to band together to make change happen.


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