TToT: The Quotey-McQuotey-Pants Addition

1.It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.– Helen Keller –

With the extreme intolerance we’re witnessing in the world right now, it just seems like these may be words to live by. Killing each other in the name of a higher power seems ridiculously contrary to the one goal to which all profess… (ie fighting evil.) Wouldn’t it be better to learn some tolerance and respect for our differences in order to bore the bejeezus out of Beelzebub? It would certainly be a hell of a lot more fun.

I gotta say that I am not particularly fond of my android. Love some things about it… not so much others…. but I do so love their new ads…

2.A while back I had said I needed to set some new goals. Looking at my health in a new light and accepting where I’m at and may be heading with it, I needed to feel more comfortable in my spiritual life. I haven’t in a long time. I still don’t but I am trying to find my way back.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

3.Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?
—Jonathan Safran Foer

Because they are genuine and honest. unnamed (10)
4. I took this awesome book out of the library called Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel… very joyful endeavor.
animals-dogs_00406834 images (1) seth-casteel-hero2 (1)

5. My favorite funny dog quote ( yep I have one…)

 Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.
—Groucho Marx

6. unnamed (11) This is my Godchild/niece Sarah, when she was four and I was 26. She just turned 30. Remember this little goofball? This is her daughter….  unnamed (23) and Sarah (now!) Sarah came to my rescue and her grandmother’s rescue this week in a BIG FAT HAIRY WAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH, SARAH! My mom was really ill and I live about an hour and change away. Sarah lives about five minutes from my mom. One call and she had her in the ER and long story short, ended up staying the night with her and taking her home and staying with her there to make sure she was well… as I cannot at this point afford to become acutely ill due to some health issues. Sainthood in my book… she is totally up for Canonization.

Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.― Tia Walker, The Inspired Caregiver


unnamed (17)

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

8.unnamed (13)  This is the snow outside my livingroom window.original

9. This is the wood stove at the coffee house we frequent weekly…  unnamed (18)

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing. Anon.

10. unnamed (16) Having this posted over my desk probably doesn’t make me the most popular therapist… but people know where I stand… images (2) I don’t expect anyone to actually come up with any solutions, However I do outlaw the term “Yeah, but…” If you’re not willing to try to change the problem…. THAT is called whining. ( for the record… I like the quote but Teddy isn’t over my desk….for obvious reasons… I don’t want to antagonize people I just want to increase their awareness.)

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND…. unnamed (19)

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34 thoughts on “TToT: The Quotey-McQuotey-Pants Addition

  1. Frist. I like this Friday night finish. Yeah, and I like the quotes. That snow outside your window is too much. I do admit to being a whiner at times. (self-satisfying to vent). What do you think of caregiving out of duty, not necessary love. Or maybe because the sense of responsibility comes from love????? Dog=unconditional love. Happy Valentines Day.


    1. Sometimes I think the connection of biology is enough to confuse with love. There is a great book about caring for parents who didn’t care for you… sounds awful but it comes from a real angle of compassion and “no, stop worrying you aren’t a weirdo or selling yourself out….”


  2. I saw that Android commercial last night and actually refrained from forwarding through because of the song. Roger Miller from the animated Robin Hood? I mean, the animals are sweet and funny and all, and I mean to show my kids, but that song is pure nostalgia.


  3. Your great niece – a little scott no? LOL
    You know Ivy, this post’s got it all – nice.
    That snow? One of my thankfuls….that we don’t have it where I am.! At least you have a Norman Rockwell setting for your snow. Me? Not so Norman.
    Hope your Mom is doing better. Must have been a scary episode.


    1. At I said at your place give that little Scotty a bagpipe and a kilt!
      Thanks Denise, I have felt so over the top whiney lately… Trying to reign myself back in….
      Still love snow but I know what your mean.
      Ma is improving. Yeah, she is gonna be 86 in a few weeks… we are all a bit concerned about her this year.


      1. Ya know… sometimes we’ve got to let the whine out. Stored too long it just makes us…sour! I’m being goofy but there is something to that. Repression, holding it in, whatever you want to call it, sometimes it’s best to get it out of your system. Done and done. Move on to the next best thing:)
        Glad to hear your mom is improving. I imagine some things take a little longer the older we get:) I will say a prayer for steady improvement:)

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I love these quotes, and they hit home today. A few tears, a few giggles. From the picture of snow, I presume you are a neighbor of sorts . . . I live in Auburn, MA near Worcester, the snowiest city of all. Not that I’m whining, but . . . 😉


  5. ‘dogs are perfect lifeforms’

    (somebody has no doubt totally said that multiple times… and then there’s the quote ‘as god was creating man, his dog turned to Him and said, ‘now that you’ve had your little joke, can we get serious?’ ‘)

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I love the quotes. I can spend hours reading quotes and contemplating them, Savoring them like some sweet treat.

    Also I think it is impossible to watch a dog and not be happy. Especially when they are rolling in the grass outside. I mean they just ooze happiness.


    1. I love dogs, and I agree with you, but when you use the phrase “rolling in the grass” with the verb “ooze,” I get flashbacks of when our dogs would need baths after rolling in the horse pastures! Sometimes dogs think happiness is horse manure. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I also love that commercial. Cute animals, cute tune–what’s not to love?
    So glad Sarah could come to your rescue! Hope your mom is doing OK.


  8. Thank you for sharing all these great quotes. I am a big fan of using quotes, and I love all of these. Your niece sure did grow up to be a special lady and I’m sure is raising her little goofball to be one too. I haven’t seen that commercial before. My heart just exploded. I think I’ll watch it again now.


  9. So glad Sarah was able to jump in and take care of your mom. It worries me, being so far away from my parents. Granted, they are only in their sixties, but someday… From the comments…glad to hear your mom is on the mend.
    Great quotes…especially the whining ones. It makes me smile that you even put one up in your office.


  10. I love that Android commercial! Kind of makes me tear up a little. I suspect Androids have improved in the two years since I’ve had one, but I was most annoyed with how slooooowwwww it was if you were trying to surf the net. Loved everything else about it, especially the camera.
    Your pics from Underwater Dogs made me laugh out loud! The one on the left looks like I probably look if forced into water over my head.
    Sarah is obviously awesome and should be cloned. Hope your mom is feeling better.
    Remember Wendy Whiner?
    Douglas looks so freaking handsome!


  11. I bet you cry at SPCA commercials! Oh wait thats me!
    Arent those doggies great? They were all diving for toys.
    Sarah is the best. Mom is improving. I can’t remember when she went and got old. just happens I guess.
    Wendy WHiner yup!
    Doug says thanks!


  12. Yeah but…

    Nah, it’s a good sign, and one I probably need to staple to my head, some days.

    But whatevs. There’s love, so there’s that, at least.

    Hope your cutesy v-day has been alright. LOVED the pic of Doug and all the hearts. Thanks for that 🙂 And glad things are back on track (WELL DONE SARAH!) with your mom, and with various parts of your world (are we ever meant to be ‘comfortable’ with our spirituality?).

    Great quotes, my friend. And Clark’s one, too.


  13. This week is the best ever TToT posts. The quotes you shared are the best. The dog pictures are great! Thank you for sharing the love of animals. Have a wonderful week!


  14. This was a stellar TToT, I was smiling and nodding my head in agreement all the way down the list, ending with that ever so dapper Valentine dude!

    The Android commercial was excellent, we would be teaching this message in every corner to every audience, beginning with childhood and never stopping. We can love and appreciate each other, we don’t have to think or be the same. If critters can get that, why can’t we?

    I’m wondering if we should all chip in to buy you a lifeboat for when that snow mountain finally begins to thaw this Spring! It’s coming, only a few weeks away now!

    Sending love and energy for the week ahead, on we go! XOXO


  15. That Douglas is so freaking cute in his V-Day getup. What a handsome dude. The Rottens (I’ve stolen that from Dyanne) most likely would not be happy in such a dapper outfit.
    I love quotes, as you know, and these are good ones. I always liked the Marx one – funny.
    I am a bitcher and a whiner. I admit it. I own it. I think sometimes you just have to get it out and let it go. So I do. And you know what? I don’t have stomach ulcers. 😀 ‘
    Glad Sarah was able to jump in and help you and your Mom. I see from those who did not get around late that your mom is doing OK so that’s good.
    I think I’m with Douglas on the grass thing – my arthritis certainly keeps me from rolling around in manure-laden grass. Definitely. I think the Hub appreciates that.


  16. Oh my goodness, the woodstove is beautiful! I could do with some more snow as well over here! I couldn’t have phrased your no. 1 better. If someone sees the belief in a higher power as beneficial to their lives, why not use this faith for positive ways? All the hate, intolerance, etc. in the name of religion is just horrible! Having family pitch in is always something to be thankful about! I’m glad you have such a great niece!

    In Germany, we recently had a commercial with dogs shaking water out of their fur. It was quite funny as well 🙂

    Enjoy your week, Zoe & Skip!


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