The snow has been pretty deep in these parts. This photo.4  was taken two weeks and about 24 additional inches ago. The snow is up to the second pane of my livingroom windows. The wind is howling, and my little dog has taken to peeing on the stairs before I can convince him to venture further out into the cold. If it were up to him he would never go out and just explode on the first day of Spring..8

Yesterday the wind chills were so low that we didn’t venture out all day. I drank tea, Doug slept a lot and went down the hall to visit our neighbors. I did some laundry and in doing so realized that Doug has a plethora of old beat up blankets. So it was time for a project.

Just in case this turned into one of my other undone projects I decided to only utilize two of the said blankets.

unnamed (21) I cut them into about 2 inch strips and braided them in threes. I had a solid blue blanket and the striped blanket that you see here.

Then I started coiling the braids and tying them into themselves with small strips of the extra blanket pieces. I used to make these by actually braiding them into themselves so you braid as you coil but when the rug gets big its a real drag. unnamed (25) When you come to the end of a braid you tuck it into the bottom and tie it down with extra blanket scraps.

Keep going until it starts to grow or you run out of blanket as I did.

unnamed (24) unnamed (22)  I’m still tying things together.

unnamed (26)This one is large enough for these two guys to rest comfortably on it together….

unnamed (28)unnamed (27)  Tyrion and Walter …



  1. I was surprised to see that your map did not include Canadian weather details. So the story is incomplete. We’ve got lots of cold and snow up here, too! (I’ll skip the details.)

    Doug’s new sleeping mat is coming along very well. I hope it is in place very soon; I fear poor Douglas is getting cold. Or colder.

    Blessings and Bear hugs from the über-North!


  2. I do not envy you those snow totals. We have enough here, thank you very much, and it’s nowhere near what you have. We also did not venture out yesterday – windchills betwee 10 and 30 below with drifting on our back roads…forget it. Today the Hub ventured out but Zilla and I are having a little lunch together right now…still in our PJs. Today’s a legit holiday for them…but more snow in the forecast tonight. Enough to close school? Probably…


  3. Making a braided rug is on my to do list for someday. I’m about to start a quilt, though, so that’s an exciting adventure. We haven’t been going out either cause it’s so cold, and we’re all going stir crazy around here. Just sent everyone to their rooms for some peace.


  4. Lord, how much deeper can the snow get before we have to send a helicopter to drop in supplies? 🙂

    You’re beautiful braided rug brought back such sweet memories of the rag rugs my grandmother used to braid. I have no doubt she also did this on those cold winter days at her farm in South Dakota. I never cease to be amazed at your many talents! Those two little pups are going to love this cozy rug!


  5. Oh my word. I can’t even imagine that much snow. I hear the reports and predictions and see the photos, and I just sit there with my jaw on the floor. It seems like it is way worse than the vortex of last year. I even feel bad that our first measurable snow is falling today. It’s been snowing all day, but it’s only adding up to about 2-3 inches. No complaints here! Except that we have to go out in the howling wind and cold. No snow days or days off for us!
    Hopefully it’s going to be a slow melt someday in the nearish future.


  6. So glad you posted this. Going to try my hand in rug braiding this week! Sure they can both fit on it but once Walter claims it as his Tyrion won’t be able to step paw on it! Keep warm.


  7. I am totally impressed with the rug project and I’m sure Douglas loves it. But did I miss something? Who are Tyrion and Walter. (Almost as cute as poodles). Stay warm. Can you even get to work in this?


  8. I cannot, CANNOT imagine that much snow. We had two blizzards a week apart in 2011 and ended up with nearly 2 feet of snow, but it melted away after a week and that was that (until the tornado three months later – Mother Nature was really out to get us that year). Does it insulate your house at all and keep it warmer? Looking for a silver lining here!
    The rug is lovely!


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