Dear Winter

unnamed (19) February 18, 2015

Dear Winter,

You and I go back don’t we? Long walks in knee deep snow, frolicking in the flurry of white flakes falling all around us, building snowmen and forts, even the snowball fights. And after … warming up in front of a cozy fire, with a great meal and a bottle of wine. That overall feeling of “being in love” with my favorite season. It wasn’t just any whirlwind romance. I will always remember those times and the qualities I saw in you back then.

Please believe me when I say this. It’s not you, it’s me. I know I used to love the snow and ice, even when you froze me out, I somehow tolerated your quirkiness with steady resolve. Well, I find now that I’m getting older I’m having a more difficult time. I’m no longer able to trudge through knee deep snow. Your cold shoulder is no longer something I can tolerate without mentioning how it hurts me. The very air hurts me. Why would I live where the air is painful?

I’ve tried to behave as I thought you might want me to, but I must be true to myself. I think we should see other seasons. Maybe after the pain dissipates we can even come back together for some fun in the snow next year.

With Affection,

Ivy .2 unnamed (29)


18 thoughts on “Dear Winter

  1. Believe it or not, there was a time when I loved winter. As a kid, playing outside, building forts, making snowballs, (I hated snowball fights, though), cross country and regular skiing. I even lived in Colorado for awhile. I still get a kick out of the very first snow and the beauty around me. But it doesn’t last very long. I’m over it. I’m sorry your health precludes you from enjoying your favorite season and I love your letter to Winter; waiting til next year to go out and play.


    1. On the reread it sounds strangely serious. I was actually reading about Dear John letters and thought this could be fun… This is the first year in as long as I can recall that I am waiting for spring in a big huge hairy way! HEY OFF TO VACATION SOON?!

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  2. This was beautiful! There is a magical quality to winter that we all remember with fun and adventure. The negotiating it as we get older, and/or our bodies become more complaining is not so fun. I think perhaps just one month of winter each year would be sufficient. When I am Grambling about the hundred degree days this summer, remind me what your winter has been like. My kids in Nashville are dealing with it today too.


  3. The best thing about winter — particularly a winter like this one — is that it is a good season for hibernating. You can trust the Bear on this. I trust your love affair with winter will not be too tempestuous. I also hope Douglas doesn’t unintentionally get buried, or something. In that case you would have a good-sized pupsicle.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Ivy.


  4. Love those pics…just glad I didn’t take them! I’m with you Ivy. My love affair… no, wait, change that to my affair with winter was too long ago to rekindle any sort of “romantic” feelings lol.
    I wish your words in the snow were imbued magic sufficient to make all of the white stuff go…away:)
    Hang in there! And be sure to put a dark coat on SkippityDoug. As robbear13 alluded there could be a little confusion out in the sea of white, what with the Dougster also being white!


  5. That was like the nicest breakup ever. Now hit the road, winter! There is no part of my rheumatic body that likes any part of winter. Period. We are not even on speaking terms right now. I wish I could be as kind as you…and I’d be glad to let loose a string of expletives that would make a sailor blush, but I gave up swearing for Lent, dammit!

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