TToT & The Return of the Literary Deathmatch

Since Douglas and I have taken up residence here at Uncharted, we lost a few things from the old blog that I just haven’t put enough energy into bringing over or developing on this one. I don’t know, I guess I just lack some motivation. I do miss some things however, and slowly would like to start changing things on the blog to make maneuverability more manageable and make it easier to get out of here to where you’d like to go.

That said, I’m not changing any of that this week . I am however bringing back the contest.

unnamed (10)  unnamed (9)

You remember the contest, right? You remember how Doug loooooooves the contest? You remember how I seem to be the only one that really does like the contest? You remember that it’s always a bit of teeth pulling to get people to participate?

I probably make them too complicated but they have to be interesting enough to hold the attention of my shrink  because he’s the judge and can get a little hypercritical and snarky with substandard challenge.

You’ve heard of the 7x7x7 writing challenge? It’s fun! Promise!


You can hit the link above, below or the one at the top of the home page…

  • There you will find a choice of starter sentences.
  • There you will also find an example.
  • Please put your entry in the comments section on the CONTEST PAGE! No worries… if you accidentally put it in another comment section, I’ll enter it for you.


SO this is also TToT time!

1. 014 It took a shamefully long time but I seem to be calming down. I was so cranky this week it was causing me an undo amount of stress. Finally, wacked it back into place.

2. unnamed (2) 3. unnamed  dug up some old photos of the sibs.

4. unnamed (1) managed to finish the rug Mom wanted for her birthday.

5. Douglas.unnamed (3) 6. That I’m catching up on paperwork.

7. Have Mon. off for some tests that may offer some answers.

8. Mom is marking well into her 80s this week and seems to be doing well.

9. unnamed (4)My sister had an emergency appendectomy this week. It seems to have had an unexpected side effect, but the Dr. assures us its temporary.

10. SBOR/BOSR 1.3 …damn or is it 3.5? Stupid dyslexia….well either way I gotta get dancing…


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36 thoughts on “TToT & The Return of the Literary Deathmatch

  1. BAM!
    Awesome old photos of the sibs. Look at you with the pigtails and scrunched up nose!
    Nice work on the rug.
    Eek for your sister! Hope that facial hair clears up soon. Oh, and that she recovers nicely from that surgery, too.

    Off to see what this contest is all about…


  2. Emergency appendectomy, oh my! Glad the mustache (is that right? I can’t spell this word) is the only negative side effect. Leaves such a tiny scar these days. I like your rock piles. Very soothing, I must say. And your rug. Beautiful color combo. Do you really have dyslexia? That might be why I like you so much.


    1. Yup. But only with numbers. Write out the words e.g. fifty six plus twenty and im fine . Ask me to add 56+20 and who knows…. just now I had to erase it and recheck it twice hahaha. …damn.


  3. Love, love the rug, and that both your Mom and sister are doing well! Praying for some good answers on Monday. Checked out the contest – I can do this one! :-). The sibs pix – just too cute! Douglas… even cuter than I remember him. You really should share his photos more often! Kudos to you for recentering, it’s just not always that easy to do, but you keep showing us that it can be done! HUGS ❤


  4. Douglas and “catching up on paperwork” in one sentence. Is there a connection?!
    I got a bunch of paperwork to deal with my own self. Sadly no “Douglas” to distract me from that necessary, yet evil job lol
    Excellent news about your sister.(not the after effects) and hope she has a quick recovery. Must have been scary.
    Always nice to hear your mom is doing well. 80’s! That is an accomplishment.
    You! Answers are good. Hope you get a boatload of them. No point in tests without getting the correct answers, right?!


  5. That is one magnificent mustache. My husband would be jealous. He couldn’t grow one to save his life. I’m glad that she’s doing ok. Stupid appendix.
    I hope that you get all the answers you’re looking for on Monday. Fingers crossed.
    Old family photos are the best.
    Here’s to a better week ahead 🙂


  6. LOVE the rug! Hope your sis is feeling better soon, and the dreaded ‘stache falls out. And Doug, of course is as cute as ever. Have a great week!


  7. Good job on the rug, and getting caught up on paperwork. I’ve got loads of papers to file, and even more that I need to shred. I hope your sister recovers quickly!


  8. One of these days, we’re going to find you in your barn, all the sheets and curtains and towels cut into strips and made into an enormous rug.
    Fingers crossed for tests on Monday.
    Your mom gave you “the bangs” too! Deeply scarred still from mine.


  9. emergency appendectomy?? hey! I had one of those! (my god, they’re right! the virtual world is full of synchronistic coincidences!!)
    … my best memory of that? two words: Demerol lol (that plus, not sure if I learned it during or afterwards in a morphine stupor, but there is a ‘test’ for the appendix (being the cause of the problem) which involves pushing on the abdomen way the hell away from the appendix and the pain shows up in yet another different location… (ok maybe it was the morphine)
    contest? I best be getting over there!


  10. What they said.

    Glad you’re feeling less cranky. I need to read some of your advice from my beautiful book but at the moment I seem to have caught the cranky and put the pants on to go with it.

    *I* like your contests. *clicks*


  11. Already clicked the contest open to read when I’m finished here.
    Fingers crossed for tests – you’ll let me know how that goes, yes?
    Happy birthday to your mom and hope your sister’s facial hair issue clears up! And that she’s feeling fine, seriously.
    I hate being so late to the party…


  12. Your first TTOT pic really rocks. So does the rest of your writing.

    Now, back to hibernation.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


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