Thousandth Time’s the Charm? Superfluous Nipples and the TToT!

“This is now the third time I have spoken with Health New England and the second time I have called the Mass Health Connector to get my insurance card number. For the past four months I have been charged for insurance, and no one has been slack in taking that payment from my account, yet I continue to be without health insurance. If you want me to have a stroke and really NEED my health insurance, you are certainly going about it in the correct way.”

“I’m sorry ma’am but the Health Connector hasn’t contacted us so we do not have you as an enrolled member of Health New England. You will have to call the Health Connector and talk to a supervisor to get them to send us the information.”

” LOOK! If I had a nickel for every supervisor I have spoken to at the Health Connector I would have a villa in France and could afford to have you people keep screwing me over. I apologize, but it is now official – I am no longer skillful – I am just cold angry! Give me your supervisor please…”

And so it went like a game of ping-pong until I called my state senator’s office and complained informing them of my intention to mention the State Health Connector not only at my next town meeting, but also in the letter I intended to write to the Boston Globe mentioning what an ineffective,  bureaucratic, impotent excuse for a government office they are. This was after John in Senator Warren’s office stated ” If they didn’t say you would have coverage in five to six days I would be willing to work on it.”

“So what would make you want to work on it, John? I am not alone! I am one of several people sitting in a chemo infusion room saying this is happening. This is the last thing any of these people need to be dealing with. Just because I MAY have health care in five days , although you would have a hard time convincing me of that, doesn’t mean anyone else will. ”

“Well, I will get this to someone who can at least look into it. In the mean time I suggest you talk to Senator Downing who is the senator for your area. ” 

Christopher in Senator Downing’s office, was very helpful even before I insinuated I had a better chance of growing a superfluous nipple in the middle of my forehead, than getting health insurance from the state of Massachusetts within the next five or six days. I mentioned this because I was supposed to have insurance some time in December and not being prone to zits, I can feel a small bump growing just above my eyes. Christopher is hopefully dealing with the problem as I write this and I expect to hear from him soon.

I was done several weeks ago with this mess Massachusetts calls health coverage. I have been more than patient for the past several years…yes you read it correctly…YEARS!  I no longer know what to do. Who do I complain to? Who will help? I have written to my senators. When it was Kennedy and a separate problem of pre-existing conditions, I must say his office was instrumental in helping me. Years later, when I contacted then Senator Kerry with a what is now THIS chronic insurance problem, I received a form letter making sure I knew he expected me to vote for him… FAT CHANCE MR. KERRY!

I could contact Mr. Obama however I think he may be a bit too busy to deal with my health care issues and I don’t think there is enough concealer in Massachusetts to cover up a nipple on my forehead and make me presentable enough to meet the President. I just don’t know where to turn. So to the newspapers I go.

Thankful #1: I can be ridiculously patient in the face of adversity… hypo grat: Am I too patient?

Thankful #2: I can write a scathing letter when I have to

Thankful #3: With a third and visible nipple maybe I will finally be attractive to “boob men.”

Thankful #4: I have a head on my shoulders even if I’m growing a superfluous nipple on it.

Thankful #5: I have friends ( thanks Susan, thanks Peyton)  who are willing to come to my aid in the realm of advocacy should I poop out before my goal is reached.

Thankful #6 : Doug. ALWAYS Doug.unnamed (3)

Thankful #7: There are some people in government offices willing to step up to the plate.

Thankful #8: I had a therapy appointment of my own right after all this happened. I ranted ceaselessly.

Thankful #9: I am not so ill that I can’t stand up for myself.

Thankful #10 : Totally off topic… make sure you enter the contest cuz I hear the prize is awesome! Now git!



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39 thoughts on “Thousandth Time’s the Charm? Superfluous Nipples and the TToT!

  1. I can only imagine an inkling what your frustration is like. The appeal I filed with my insurance co. was denied. (I knew it would be even though! 3 insurance customer svc people said the service was covered 100%) It’s a tremendous tangle of well, you just described it! I don’t know that sending you all my “go get ’em Ivy” vibes is going to help but I do commisserate and hope you get some satsifactory answers & health insurance sooner rather than later.

    Thankful #1 – this is a question I ask my own self. Good one:)

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  2. You have been way more patient than I have ever been. My credit score proves it. I’ve been turned in by a hospital, AT&T and who knows how many others because I refused to pay the bills which were their mistakes. Couldn’t get anyone to actually try to help with the situations, so I told Bryan that I was done and he’d have to buy the next house on his own.

    I cannot even fathom the frustration you must be feeling with all of these unhelpful people. And government and insurance people are about the most unhelpful of all people. I hate that you have to go through it all. I wish I could help in some way besides cheering you on.

    Picture me holding pom poms…Give me an I! Give me a V! Give me a Y! What’s that spell? A BADASS WHO WILL TAKE THESE INCOMPETENT PEOPLE DOWN!!


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    1. OH THanks to the Nazi Sallie Mae who refuses to accept that I do not have a 70,000 dollar a year job and wont be paying 1000 bucks a month I too am a member of that club! IDIOTS! I have not tolerance left for IDIOTS!


      1. (no…hold on, hold on….still processing the above visual!! for some reason I’m getting a little of Back to the Future (Lea Thompson)…crossing over with some other movie with Maria Bello)

        Ok! I’m back lol

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  3. I would have gotten so murdery by now. Your third nipple must have a calming effect and perhaps I should concentrate on growing one of my own. Good luck, Honey. I hope this week brings you solutions and coverage.

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  4. You rock my socks off. You might even be Wonder Woman (and I KNOW all the guys would love it if SHE had a third nipple!!!)

    My brain-stem has come loose. Thank goodness yours didn’t. I very much hope that Christopher gets his act together and sorts you out with insurance POST HASTE!

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      1. I should have a go. It might be handy to have a spare for when this one dies of tired.

        And I have NO idea what you just said, but I’m pretty sure that it would be FAR more inconvenient to grow an entire BREAST in the middle of your forehead, rather than just a nipple…


  5. Don’t call me a git!
    So many illustrious names in this post and so few of them helpful to you. I sure hope you post that scathing letter cause I want to read it.


  6. I would not want to be on the receiving end of a strongly worded letter from you.
    I’d love to be there when poor Christopher tells his boss, the senator, that you think you’re growing a superfluous nipple on your forehead.


  7. XXXX, took me a while to realize that this was your new blog!! Apologies for not being around lately! On that, I completely understand the hassle, having gone through the same thing here in Singapore. And yes, you are patient beyond words.


    1. Thanks Michelle! Im trying not to use the old names on this blog as I had a troll situation a while back. It’s good to see you here! Hope all is well in Singapore… I always expect other countries to have it more together than us… Im dissappointed to hear of your problems with insurance.


  8. The nipple of tenacity. You go, girl. At least you are taking the insurance thing higher and higher and speaking to people who could make a difference, yes? NJ has a Commissioner of Insurance, sort of a watch dog agency like a Better Business Bureau. Is that what the Mass Health Connector is? Use your anger, use the media, use whatever it takes to be successful. I think you will be.

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  9. I know I shouldn’t be laughing but I AM. I love that you are mad as hell but still able to keep your sense of humor, which will be a contributing factor to your good health. I work for a local government office meant to help people and I am all too familiar with your brand of completely justified frustration. I bet Christopher feels your pain – hopefully the people at the top will work with him to get you the coverage you need! Until then, Doug.

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  10. Oh insurance is so so so so very frustrating. I went through that with state of Florida insurance for two years. Only mine was you are covered get this test. Get it done, um that was not covered now we need payment. I did not try to grow a third nipple ….


  11. On the Brightside, if you lived in Canada, that would be just one more nipple to freeze and then fall off. Or maybe that would be a good thing….
    I lived in both worlds. I hurt my back in the US. I dragged a patient who had stopped breathing from our parking lot and into our ER. I shredded my spine – saved his life though and my company effed me right in the ass. I’m still getting bills from the US. TEN YEARS LATER. Thousands. I don’t understand your system. Don’t. I used to sicken me when people would come in with insurance and the doctor’s would take note that they could squeeze money out of nothing. A kid would come in with a simple cold but if you had insurance, you’re getting an xray, blood work up, breathing treatment, hey you need to stay for lunch and observation, and we need to give you a health teaching….but if you came in without it…..forget you. It was disgusting.
    Our healthcare system has a lot of flaws but I don’t have to worry about not being able to pay for it. I think it is such a shame. I’m angry for you and your boobies. It’s not fair.


  12. I’m so sorry you have to deal with these issues, Ivy! My “insurance issues” seem so miniscule in comparison, and I feel that right now, with Lily maybe facing early orthodontist treatment and Calvin getting a special infant inhalator, I’m somehow getting them back, especially since I plan on ditching them as soon as the big items (hubby’s orthodontal treatment et al.) are paid up. I, too, am thankful that you are not too sick to take on this good-for-nothing insurance people!! Don’t give up, and take it to the press!! You go, lady!! And of course Doug! Give mommy a lot of cuddle time, laddy, I have the feelings she needs it! I hope you have a better week ahead, Ivy!


  13. You had me at nipple. Fantastic.
    I am so very late this week. I can’t believe how much of this crap you’ve had to put up with and how you haven’t completely lost your shit by now is beyond me. You are far more patient than I would be under similar circumstances. I definitely want to see that letter!
    Hang in there and HUGE hugs and lurvvvve.


    1. The lurvvvvvve! Losing shit is useless as it seems is not losing shit….there is just no way to be effective. Today an advocate told me there is nothing they can do about it. crazy ass shit this!


  14. I’m trying to imagine all the phone trees you’ve endured. Those make bumps pop out all over my body. Sorry, and hope something good happens soon to give you the health care you need.


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