A Very Merry Un-Birthday…

My 50th birthday was in August of 2013 so it only stands to reason that I celebrated it January 11th of 2014. At the time I wasn’t interested in celebrating and friends insisted, but I managed to hold them off until January in hopes they would let it go. They didn’t. It was a grand time. I’m sorry I was such a jerk about it back in August and I realize I need more celebrations. After the party I wrote this poem for The Well Tempered Bards  :

On The Occasion of My 50 and 1/2 Birthday

I now realize so much of me
will be left unfinished
not because life is short,
but because so many have such faith
that I am already more
than I will ever become.
I have never turned to my friends,
and come away
without a restored spirit,
a renewed sense of tenacity,
an enrichment of my soul. ljc
A few of my friends forgot that January was not my actual birthday and on January 11th I recieved a few well wishes and a couple of cards. My friends Richard and MaryAnne had actually gotten me a gift and I reminded them that my birthday was in August and they should just hang on until then….
Today they decided they could wait no longer.

So in addition to three birthdays in August (a story for another day), and one in January, I now have another birthday in March. Considering I passed my expiration date 19 years ago I expect to have an even dozen by the time I’m actually ready to go.

MaryAnne made this beautiful blanket
MaryAnne made this beautiful blanket
Richard gave me this box inlaid with turquoise and gold
Richard gave me this handmade box inlaid with turquoise and gold

5 thoughts on “A Very Merry Un-Birthday…

  1. A very merry unbirthday to you! (I’d sing the whole song to you if I wasn’t on my iPad.) you have awesome friends, and man, they give awesome gifts!


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