You may not be able to convince my therapist of this but, I don’t cry easily. When my colon ruptured I didn’t cry. When I was told I likely had a lethal illness, no tears. Priests refer to me as “the ice princess” at funerals. I don’t choke up, whimper, sob or wail over much.

1000-Voices-300x300I couldn’t seem to stop crying today. I am tired. I am completely worn and frustrated with being bullied by a broken system. Health insurance in America is utterly and irreparably broken. At least that’s what the Massachusetts Health Connector and anyone else who is an advocate for health insurance in Massachusetts would have you believe.

Last week I was assured by my Senator’s office that they would assist me. Liars. Last week I was told by the Mass State Health Connector that within the next five days I would have resolution of their continual mistake that has cost me three months of health coverage . Liars. I have called two advocacy agencies that were both very sorry that they could offer me no assistance as their hands are tied and they have no clout with the Massachusetts Health Connector.

After I called the Health Connector again today (day 7 by the way) and got another promise of health coverage, I called Senator Warren’s office in Washington and Senator Downing’s office in Boston. Senator Downing’s office at least had the decency to send me an email confirming last weeks promise of what I had already secured by myself without their assistance! I sent them a letter in response:

Thank you for your attention to this matter, albeit late. I would take heart in this information if I hadn’t been informed of it myself earlier today and what is now several times over the past month. I no longer believe the state of Massachusetts is going to resolve this problem. I no longer believe you.  I am lacking all confidence as I have now spoken to EcuCare and Advocacy for Access who have both told me they are impotent in regards to this issue, and I am one of many who are in a chronic struggle with the state insurance program. The abuse from the Mass Health Connector has occurred over years (ie being discontinued from insurance for no reason, and more recently exacerbated since December when they knowingly issued me an insurance I could not use.) The Connector has repeatedly taken payments for insurance I have been unable to use, and in fact for a policy I cancelled. 

Thank you again for this  intervention, but again I am justifiably lacking confidence. 
I shot another letter (more of an Oped piece) off to the Boston Globe and one to Governor Baker’s office. Honestly, experience has taught me to not expect anything from either of these. I am thoroughly discouraged. I need another short period of time to organize, but I am thinking of a letter writing campaign to flood these offices and that of the Health Connector. I am hoping I can count on you to help with this one. You can be from Jupiter, you  can have six heads, you can have insurance,  you may not, it truly doesn’t matter any longer. I’m sincerely asking for your support. I am not alone in this struggle and even if they finally get it right…it’s far too little … far too late… and it is proven that it is bound to happen again, and again, and again. Please think about your willingness to help. As I said, I am going to take some time and organize this. I will put together a few examples… but again, I would SO appreciate your help with this. Thanks.
*** does anyone know why my formatting has been giving up the ghost half way through posts lately?



Yup I got a few thankfuls in here somewhere:
* babies are back! If they look like they are under a fast food infrared it’s because of the heat lamp … We don’t live in a red light district or anything and we aren’t planning to make sandwiches of the little gals…
unnamed (8)
*My friends thought my birthday was in January. Presents and all! Check it out!
* WOOHOO! Two whole entries in THE CONTEST! Ok… I’m being a wise ass on that one… but still… two really good entries!
* DOUGLAS!unnamed (3)
* Took an epic walk. Got too tired and cut my chin when I fell… totally worth it. unnamed (5)
* Even though I don’t think I’m gonna be chat material tonight, I am happy to see the WD Friday Night Vid chat is back.
* Although sad for myself. I am happy that my good friend Peyton got a great job offer in CA, and will be relocating soon with his daughter, Amelia.

* Happy Birthday , VAL! -

* This whole mess has pushed me to take some time off. I can’t afford it … but I can’t afford not to… I am going to take some time off from work. If I can swing it maybe I’ll head out to a beach… just gotta arrange it. unnamed-42

Have a good week.

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40 thoughts on “LIARS, LIARS, PANTS ON FIRE!

  1. Count on me! Count me in! I’m gonna WRITE LETTERS!!! I’m also gonna enter the contest again (famous last words) because I’m not quite satisfied with my first entry.
    Oh, golly, a week of cuts. i need to send you a horror photo of my boy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Enter as many times as you like but Im not kidding that I really do like your entry! Im amazed at what the three people who have entered so far came up with… I wouldnt have gone where any of you have so far! I think its awesome… a horror photo? Is my boy okay?


  2. Damn straight I’ll be happy to write a letter for you. You know I’ll be nice and easy on them … not. How about if I start it out like this … “Dear Incompetent Bastards, A very good friend of mine has had enough of your inability to recite the alphabet, little lone do your jobs. I’m going to start from the very beginning on this to make it simple enough you could understand it even if you were from Ferguson, Missouri. Hopefully, you’ll be able to keep up!” Think that might get their attention? 🙂 You be careful out walking. You don’t need to fall again. Thinking of you always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly what I was hoping for my friend. I cant guarantee my grace in the walking department but as long as I remain without insurance I can honestly say it won’t change.


  3. Holy how the hell are there so many people here ahead of me? Wow. Absolutely, I will write for you. Anything.
    I miss you – I’m not keeping up with you well these last many days and I’m sorry about that. We must catch up with one another. I’m so sorry this stupid system is treating you like this. Really. I have to run to give the Zilla help with shower and bedtime…but as you know I’m around into the wee hours and all weekend.
    Also? (I love that as well.) I was excited to see that vid chat thing on Clark’s post today and I was all psyched to join in…but that plan fizzled. Next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It goes both ways. I miss you too and have been having trouble keeping up. We will settle in when we can…no worries! I didnt make it to the chat either. Next week I hope! I DO look forward to you being there!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. As long as you like. I am old and sickly and have to get up sat. mornings for work so I am usually gone by 9 ish … some have stayed much longer… the old ones used to go much longer. Just click off when youre ready…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ll be all too glad to send off some letters for you. Let us know when the examples are ready. I am beyond furious over this, I am sickened. I fail to understand why we are continuing to tolerate this kind of thing when everyone should be out screaming in the streets! I would worry far more about you if you didn’t shed tears of total frustration band exhaustion!!
    I love the baby chickens! I love Birthdays, and especially extra ones! I love the beautiful gifts they gave you, and mostly I love the idea of you spending a little time at the beach. There is no more peaceful place as far as I’m concerned. Oh, and I love that mysterious fuzzy white guy too. Have we seen him some place before? XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Josie! I know I can count on you!
      Chicks are great. They are very sweet and calm me down considerably. That little short white guy keeps showing up here … I think he’s a bit of a cuckoo!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I tried to comment and your site keeps going down for some reason – I hope that it’s my computer!
    Giving this a whirl again….
    I support you 100%. I am Canadian so I won’t be much of a help as far as writing goes (I know that we don’t count for petition signing etc) but for social media shares, I’m on it.
    And did you fall on your face to get a cut on your chin????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you could be Martian and I would take advantage of the offer to write a letter! And you have that awesome story about being an international criminal on the lam from when you had medical bills in the states. TOTAL faceplant!


  6. I’ll help you any way I can. This insurance situation is ABOMINABLE. Doctors hate it as much as patients do. A couple of people I know started a “gofundme” campaign to assist in medical expenses. A break at the beach will help. The chicks are adorable. Thanks for the birthday wishes. When is your actual birthday?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ridiculous that people have to resort to bake sales to fund their health bills. I scheduled some beach time today for a couple days later. I love the chicks. My birthday is an enigma… I actually have three in August…my parents screwed up…


  7. Keep my posted on what you need – I will be more than happy to write some letters on your behalf. I hope you are feeling much better, and I’m glad to see you still pulled some thankfuls out of the week. Hang in there.


    1. Thanks Jen, I definitly will hang in and I appreciate that you want to help…. I cant tell you how much I appreciate people’s willingness. I want to make this about the system not about me personally so collect any stories you hear!

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  8. If everyone on #1000Speak wrote a letter, that would be a lot of letters. ALSO, it is ridiculous how much run-around you are getting! ALSO, the chicks are cute! ALSO, birthdays are a bigger surprise when they are celebrated in different months! ALSO, Doug! ALSO, I went for a walk this week, too! ALSO, I hope my overuse of the word you love has cheered you up! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  9. FML. If there’s ANYTHING I can do, let me know, and I will do it.

    Failing that, come to England, step off the plane and fall into a hospital. We appear to have an unprejudiced open-door policy with regards to people from other countries, so why not benefit!

    ACK. *hugs*

    At least you had reason for tears. You’re a trooper, my dear. Keep fighting. I’m as alongside you as I can be.


    (and srsly only two entries? The laugh being that Sarah and I both picked the same sentence to begin with!)


  10. Those insurance glitches are all over the country. You are not alone. California has some screwy things too. It’s what happens when you fix a broken system with an anemic circus broken system. AND ALL OF IT FOR INSURANCE PROFIT.

    Sign me up for letter writing.

    Enjoy your well deserved Vitamin Sea.


  11. I’m so, so sorry, Ivy! You don’t deserve this, no one does! If I can help in any way, please let me know! I’m glad that you’re taking care of yourself, and I hope you can actually go to the beach. Build a sand castle there!! And give Skip an extra cuddle, it may at least help with the feeling of abandonment a little. Hugs to you!!


  12. I will write a STRONGLY WORDED LETTER and enjoy every minute of it. Let me know when and what information I need to include.
    Maybe Massachusetts doesn’t deserve you. Move here.
    Is Daisy going to be jealous of the new sweet young things?
    Oh, that Douglas!


  13. Dang, Kristi stole my idea to say ALSO over and over. I’d use your other favorite word and call her a beotch, but she is WAY too nice for me to say such a thing.
    But those insurance people…that just ticks me off. Letters I shall write!
    Have a wonderful time at the beach.


  14. I will write a letter for you and i have credentials!

    how frustrating. enough to pick up a laptop and throw it at a window. my partner JB somehow lucked out with the Mass. Connector. This makes me very thankful, but sad and mad for you.

    i”m glad to be here. I thought you disappeared. it was nice to hear from you.

    ps. i am here by the sea until tues am, and then back again in early april, the opposite of your plans. meanwhile, we live in the college farm land?



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