TToT…don’t forget…

A couple of reminders:

*** New pics at Richard Hoebel Photography

cedar wax wings
cedar wax wings

Remember the prize for the Contest is any photo from his blog in an 8×10 print.

*** Remember THE CONTEST ends April 1st ( just 10 days left)!

  • choose one of the starter sentences and write 7 more sentences to create a vignette of sorts
  • no more than 100 words maximum, put your entry in comments and I will compile them all

HERE ARE THE SENTENCES: (you can get all the rules and stuff on the contest page…just hit the link.)

  • Begin a piece of prose with one of the following sentences:
  1. “I can’t remember the first time I heard of him.”
  2. “But you don’t need to worry about that now; just try and see for yourself.”
  3. “I still can’t look at a toilet without feeling the urge to stick my hand down it.”
  4. “When we look deeply into such things, the blueprint for our actions can be found within the mind.”
  5. “You were thinking something disgusting, don’t lie.”


It stopped snowing some time yesterday morning and a small patch of dirt appeared in the chicken coup… the girls were grateful. So in celebration, today we bring you the best of the coup… TToT style.

unnamed (9) unnamed (12)

They aren’t outside yet but the new girls are doing great and mega-cute!

sdafs unnamed (23)

I love that they are very curious…nosey even. It makes them such deep thinkers…


dhdhg eggs!

They have a sense of rhythm. (thanks Dyanne!)

unnamed (7) unnamed (15)

unnamed (13) They share their knowledge of life experience

12 They have a sense of self-preservation

20131023_181635-1-1 They have a sense of order…

…and justice.6

unnamed… with just a touch of anarchy!

hen-sweater-300x270 Their sense of style

unnamed (26) They taught Doug the value of herding.


Ten Things of Thankful
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16 thoughts on “TToT…don’t forget…

  1. Love this chicken art. I guess Daisy the agitator and “Chicken to Ride” (you know I sang that one) were my favorite. Thanks for the contest reminder, I almost forgot. Have fun at the beach.


  2. “When we look deeply into such things, the blueprint for our actions can be found within the mind…Sarah…Sarah…Sarah, where are you?” By the third repetition of my name, I snapped out of my reverie. I was not in mountains of Tibet, after all, but in my Eastern Religions class, and I was struggling to recall what my professor had just said. I could hear my neighbors tittering or moaning with annoyance that I had once again fell into a daydreaming trance. And it’s not that I wasn’t interested in the Dalai Lama and his teachings. I’d enrolled in the class, after all. It’s just that…

    Liked by 1 person

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