2 Shoes Tuesday- Get OUTTA Here!

Aviary Photo_130206655254779036I was feeling pretty put out. I’ve been wiped out, and out of sorts of late. Going out of my mind really.

I decided I needed an out.

So I high-tailed it outta town, and I’m now situated at the outer-most point of Massachusetts. Out on a limb. Where the land runs out.

province4 This is what the photos looked like in the brochure. It seems my luck ran out and as luck would have it they too had it out with Old Man Winter and he washed out most of the beaches.  I spoke to a surveyor who was scoping things out for repair because every beach in the area was either completely washed out or there were dunes with a straight cliff drop of 40 or 50 feet. If it was gradual I would have gone out of the box and thought about traversing the hillside, but this wasn’t a possibility. Well, I’m down, but I’m not out.

I’m heading out to the next town over to scope out my prospects with their beaches.


20 thoughts on “2 Shoes Tuesday- Get OUTTA Here!

  1. Wow! The Beaches just took off on folks. Talk about rude Beaches! Is there no civility left in the U S of A?

    So, does ton chien (ou caniche) also express disappointment at the mystery of the missing Beaches?

    Blessings and Bear hugs in the meantime!


  2. There are no bad beaches, no bad ocean experiences. There is just nature. Winter at the beach is a crap shoot, but it is still the beach, you are still out, and waves crashing and wind blowing can speak to the soul as much as sunshine and sweet water lapping at the shore. You’re at the edge of the map, baby. The edge of your last nerve. Hang in there, warmth and sunshine are coming. And the sand will replenish.


    1. No beach is bad true… but when you cant get to it its a drag…. I did find one though about forty miles away…. it was lovely…. I love beach in winter best but man apparently it just took the beaches of our coast out this year. THey were moving in heavy equiptment to try to repair when I was there…. and the actual tip of the cape was closed…


  3. Sorry to hear that your beaches have suffered so much erosion from the Winter storms. I hope they can be repaired in time for the summer. I am enjoying reading everyone’s entries this week. 🙂


  4. Hi there! I’m new to your blog, but enjoying your writing very much.

    Today, reading this, I’m gazing out on the gray, cold and wind-roughened waves of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The fog was so dense yesterday that it seemed the beaches had indeed vanished. 🙂


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