Today is the kick off for the A to Z Blog Challenge!

A Welcome to Learn Something New Every Day!

Odds are you already know this classic experiment, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t know why it works the way it does. It all has to do with air pressure.

What you need:

  •  A bottle with a fairly wide mouth (not wide enough to fit an egg through)
  • A peeled hard-boiled egg
  • A strip of paper
  • A match
  • unnamed (33) Light up the strip of paper and put it in the bottle.
  • Put the egg on top of the bottle.
  • Watch the egg get sucked into the bottle! unnamed (34)


  • So, how does it work? The burning paper will heat the air inside the bottle causing the air inside to expand. The egg on top of the bottle seals it, cutting off the oxygen and putting out the flame. When the fire goes out, the air will cool and contract. The air pressure in the bottle is now less than the pressure outside the bottle. The extra outside air pressure pushes the egg into the bottle.

I thought my video of this was pretty awesome… but I think I will be doing how to download to YouTube for Y if ya get my drift….

If you want a video, here’s a guy who knows about air pressure AND YouTube!






26 thoughts on “A is for AIR PRESSURE

  1. Seems like you are full of hot air. So to speak.
    Blessings and Bear hugs, anyhow. Best regards to M. Fairbanks (le caniche).


      1. Well, yes, that is sometimes my line. But I’m just starting to wake up; it’s been a long winter and there’s not much to eat. I think I’ll go back to bed for another month.


  2. (damn!! what’s a guy got to do to be FRIST around here?!?! 3:11 a…m!!! )

    nice post (made me think about eggs in the microwave (which, in turn makes me remember discovering dirty words with my 5 years old friends)… you know, just when things seem to be getting fatally boring and predictable) someone tells you how to get the egg back in the bottle (where they normally are found).


  3. 🙂 What an awesome thing to learn (or remember) on the first day! Hi, I’m Carrie Ann, a minion for Lauren. I’m stopping in to say welcome to the A-to-Z Challenge and to make sure we’re off to an amazing start! I’ll be checking in frequently throughout the month.


    1. There are a couple of ways…. 1. egg salad- cut it up 2. blow into the bottle and create enough pressure to pop it out 3. create a vacuum and risk lodging a boiled egg in your esophagus. I did the egg salad and fed it to the chicks…


  4. I love learning new things. I loved to amaze the preschoolers with experiments like this. I’d love to see the You tube how to as well, but I guess I’ll have to wait until Y unless you do Boosting your blog with videos. 😉


  5. Yay!! She’s back with all kinds of cool new lessons. I’ve seen it done, but I didn’t know how or why it worked, now I do! Papa Bear said they did this in his Jr. High science class, how come the school I attended didn’t have cool classes with fun experiments like this? What did we do? Dissect live frogs… horrible!!


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