A to Z : Learn Something New Every Day




                 Starring the Girls of the coup

                  Featuring Ms. Daisy Dillon and the new chicks


12 thoughts on “A to Z : Learn Something New Every Day

  1. In French, it’s «poulet.» I don’t know if that’s related to «poutine,» but I don’t think so.
    Blessings and Bear hugs to both of you.

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    1. I was saving a favorite pic for french (with doug) and ran out of space. Im not tech savvy enough to want to try to make room. I had already lost the whole thing once!!! Maybe Ursine for “U” huh?


      1. No, no! Ursine is not for chicken, Ivy. It’s for Bears. Though you could call one of your chickens “Ursus” if you wished, I suppose. And, yes, I am ursine, but (I assure you) I’m not chicken.
        I am so glad you and Douglas persevered in your work. It’s is very enjoyable! Well done, Ivy! You are much more savvy in these things than I am.
        Blessings and Bear hugs!


  2. *clapping while standing* and hooting and hollering. LOOK AT YOU!!! Not only did you make your own video, with song, photos, and text, but you figured out how to get it on your blog!!! Nice work. And great song for the background.

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    1. And I only lost it in total one time and half done about six!!!! Thanks! Im glad you liked it! I did one last year for poodle which I may repeat for P as I hate to use a video just once… too much effort!


  3. (agreeing with Christine)…. especially the scrolling credits!! v cool

    (a couple of the photos, the one with the Malay word for chicken, there is a disturbing look of awareness of the photographer in that one!)


  4. I am TOTALLY impressed. I have so much to learn before I could even think about doing that. I loved it! The girls make fabulous stars. And who knows the next time I’ll need to know how to say chicken in Zulu. Thanks.

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