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Nope, not THAT Guggenheim!
Nope, not THAT Guggenheim!

Guggenheim is a great little word game for a group, for travel, or you can just set one up if you’re sitting in a waiting room and need to pass a little time.

I will list a group of categories, and you must find answers corresponding to the letter from a word written down the side of the board. Don’t worry it’s easier than it sounds, and I’ve done a few for you!


  Animal                         City                       Flower                         Food

H             Hamster                                                                                                                        

O                                                                                                                                         Orange

S                                                       Seattle                                                                                    

 P                                                                                                 Petunia                                        

I                  Iguana                                                                                                                           

T                 Tiger                                                                                                                              


L                                                                                                     Lily                                              



Have Fun!




16 thoughts on “A to Z : Learn Something New Every Day

  1. Anemone. I can never remember if that’s a flower or a sea creature. Wait, was I supposed to do the whole word? I’m confused.


  2. I need a print out and a pencil and paper to do this. This is similar to Scattegories, one of my family’s favorite games. You picked Hospital for the word down the side?


  3. So are you saying I can fill in, for example, H all the way across with Hamster (animal), Hampton (city), Ham (food), Hyacinth (flower), and so forth with all the letters? Does somebody win?
    ~Visiting from AtoZ


  4. Fun! Not the hospital part, of course. What a difference spelling makes! I had never envisioned I.V. walker before you pointed it out. Next thing I know, you’ll be telling me that Doug has a digging problem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually Doug was named by a friend who is a Douglas Fairbanks fan and he apparently did a film called “Lamb.” She also calls Doug ” my little lamb,” so that is where that one came from… His nicknames are numerous!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. so would one get double points for “enjoying a hamster hamburger in Hamburg”??

    damn I just saw the vertical component… yeah, I read very carefully the first time lol I am farther behind on my commenting than I am in my posting, which, so far happens at the usual early hour before I leave for work.


    1. That vertical word is just that… it wasnt meant as any sort of hidden meaning or anything… its just a long common word to use… honest…. and really, hamster hamburger is such an assault to my vegetarian senses! lol!


  6. I LOVE this game! I love word games, anyway. I am a Bananagram master! But I’m like Val; I need paper and pencil to play this!


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