A to Z : Learn Something New Every Day

LIFE : Learning in the School of Hard Knocks

This is a completely personal post, so in an effort not to stray into tangential idiocy, I will provide you with my short list of what life has taught me. I certainly don’t follow all to the letter, but I wouldn’t mind reaching that goal some day. Feel free to rant in “Comments.”

1. How you think and behave effects how you feel. It is not necessarily the  other way around.

2. Be kind. Everyone is struggling with their own battles…even if you feel compelled to make assumptions about people, what they are dealing with may not visible (even to them).

3. GPA doesn’t matter. No one asks on the job interview…”So what was your GPA?” Someone is seeing the Dr. who made the lowest grade and who knows maybe he/she is the best in the field, just not in the books.

4. Learn how to do your own laundry and do your dishes.

5. Antithetical to the school experience is the concept that …Being different is NOT a crime. Learn to value the differences. It kills boredom and makes for a far more interesting experience.

6. No honest work (trash pick up, fast-food jockey…) is below your dignity. Be happy someone is doing it and it may be you.

7. Life is not fair. It can be fun, interesting, worthwhile but not necessarily all the time and it is definitely not fair. Therefore we are not entitled to anything and everything, just because we think we are. Life is not fair. I’m sorry, did I say this enough? Life…y’know that thing you’re going through right now? Just wanna let you know…not necessarily fair. I hope it goes easy for you, but consider yourself warned.

8. Emotional self-reliance is not taught in school, and it is my honest opinion that it should be. But as previously stated, life is not fair . SO I have taken it upon myself to go into a few grammar and high schools and teach classes in such skills. Why? Refer to #7. I’d like to even the odds and chances for success.

9. Unless you take an advanced degree in business or some such thing, school teaches you very little about becoming financially independent or how to avoid financial devastation. Learn it well and learn it early.

10. Say “thank you,” and “nicely done,” and “let me help you with that…” as necessary and as often as possible.

There are so many more, but this was written during a prolonged fit of insomnia and it is now time to go wake up the chickens. Have a great day and don’t let #7 get ya down.



20 thoughts on “A to Z : Learn Something New Every Day

  1. I will rave, but not rant. I think you have lots of good advice here.

    I inadvertently got my children to do their own laundry by accidentally washing my oldest child’s cell phone! I was never trusted again with laundry.


    1. I teach interpersonal skills and acceptance skills as well as when not to accept but how not to get totally disregulated in the process…. a skill I have yet to master!


  2. Formal education is responsible for “little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes all the same. There’s a pink one and a green one and a yellow one. And they’re all filled with ticky-tacky and they all look just the same.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlSpc87Jfr0 Which is why I spent years and years of my life trying to fit in and losing myself in the process. I want to pass your wisdom on to my daughter, especially #7, but like me I’m sure she’ll learn it on her own. You are always a kind and caring person.


  3. #10… and please, if the other person looks or otherwise appears to be older than, say 38, don’t say “no problem” instead of “you’re welcome”…. it is so not the same.
    (this old-person-who-hasn’t-got-the-Memo-about-youth-and-the-young moment has been brought to you by the ‘we-all-tend-to-forget-that-the-young-are-technically-a-different-species)


    1. you know you big dope, you miss the one post that I pretty much did just for you and you’ve managed to hit every other one not that I’m not grateful for that but you missed K which was done with you in mind believe it or not.


  4. Why would anyone rant about this? Nothing but good, solid advice. I almost wrote about money management today. Wrote two posts, actually, but just couldn’t get the tone and info straightened out into a logical way. But that one post hit on several of your life lessons.


    1. well, I guess I play it safe after getting death threats for saying that Santa was a miserable bigot in the Rankin and Bass version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.


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