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I’ve been feeling a bit sentimental about friendships lately. Maybe it’s my age (52) and all the organic emotional upheaval that comes with it and hot flashes, maybe it’s my health issue which seems to be on a slow train but steadily picking up speed and then reversing so I never know where the next stop is going to be or for how long. I suppose it could be a whole host of things I don’t need to roll out here or it could be that I just happen to have fabulous friends. I mean, there are the bloggy ones who say things like:

  • ” …(I) want to take you and Doug home with me and take care of you.”
  • …or they send cards, custom-made pens, entire cd collections, hats, packages, Scripture, glitter bombs, jujubees, and Welsh dictionaries to each other and to me
  • who keep me up on WWF and text messaging, despite my utter refusal to use most forms of social media
  • Who send emails, guest posts, memes
  • …or I put out the cry for help and they reply with a resounding ” YES!”
  • Perhaps something positive happens after a long haul and what do I get? Happiness all around. People truly happy for me… sigh.
  • People extend the love to my friends…like Doug for instance.0225131744 or to my buddy who is new to this blogging thing and just wants to share some gorgeous photography.

    Source: R. Hoebel Photograpy
    Source: R. Hoebel Photograpy
  • There are those, who despite my lack of persistence in keeping up with them, so graciously keep up with me! I can think of at least four or five! ***hangs head in shame***

Then there are people I know in real life. Old friends most, although it is funny how some I still think of as new because they are my newest old friends at 18 years. These friends will do things like say:

  • ” You deserve a vacation. You need a vacation. Let us help you take a vacation. “
  • or, they include me in their plans, “Hey I was thinking of doing a project… any interest?” or ” when can we do lunch?”
  • These same friends drop hundreds of dollars on my desk or in the mail and while they are naive to think I will take it, they still do it in hopes I have lost all my scruples. They honestly want me to take them up on the offer…no payback necessary. (Please don’t lecture me in comments… not taking anyone’s money.)
  • Friends who see me driving a tank four hours to and from Boston for medical appointments and offer me their car for the trip.
  • Friends who have given me their old car.
  • Friends who helped me through loss.
  • lllllllFriends who take care of my very elderly dog and even let him sleep in their bed so he won’t be lonely .
  • Friends who are willing to help me with end of life decisions, and are willing to live with my resolve despite how uncomfortable it may be for them.
  • …and for all the little things… the laughs, the race for FRIST, the ability to meet outside the internet , soup when I don’t feel well, picking up my car if I end up hospitalized unexpectedly, giving me a ride to the mechanic, a mechanic who is willing to be bribed by gluten-free cooking, a shrink who is willing to judge my silly contests, a doctor who taught me to shoot skeet… I can go on forever…

I’m certain there are more reasons to be thankful for my friends, these are just a few… but all are worth mentioning. If you’re reading this, you fit in here somewhere, Thank you.

P oodle

This is a video repost from last year. I hate to use a video only once… it’s more work than it’s worth so you may remember this but hey, you probably saw The Wizard of Oz at least twice and this is just as good… right?


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25 thoughts on “TToT and A to Z Learn Something New Every Day

  1. I’m practically crying over the video, I love Mr. Douglas. Who drew that wonderful back and white pencil sketch of him? An incredible capture of his essence. I want to call you by your other name and tell you that you bring out the wonderful in others because you are. Wanna do a road trip to NC sometime?


    1. awwwww…. Mr Dougie dooo…. I do love him! I can understand the trigger to use the old name! I saw it too! Thanks Val! I worry people have higher thoughts of me than who I really am… neurotic stuff…. NC yes! I have other friends there as well… I really have to plan out road trips due to physical stuff, but I need to talk to my other friend there too and have been thinking about it… I could stop there too! It probably wont be until later fall… who knows???? How about Massachusetts? Oh, sent you an email re the black and white.


  2. You know, and I just feel lucky that I’ve got you for a friend because you know how to be one gently. Thanks for that photo too. Can’t wait to see it!


    1. Hey! Richard is printing the photo but he is out of town for a week so it wont be until after he gets back… he does such a perfectionist job of printing that it will be worth the wait! I feel lucky for you as well… in a big way… I have limited friends with cute kids! hahhahaa!


  3. The Wizard of Oz is nightmare-inducing, Doug’s video is much better! 🙂

    You said to not lecture, so I’m biting my tongue. Gonna hit “post” now before I bleed.


    1. hahahah! Thats why I used the WIzard. I have only seen it in its entirety one time and i was in my twenties… ugh movie! Hey take care of your tongue! Bites can get infected! 🙂


  4. …even a million miles away in the computer” sorry to lift one of your commenters lines for the start of my own comment, but she being one who comes up with the lines that I wish I had written, it’s ok.*
    dogs are perfect life form (even as olden, drifting into the prehistoric species’ past pets)… you do have an awful exceptional bunch o’ people around you… but thats is appropriate and demonstrates the golden rule (or maybe the converse of the GR…or would that be the inverse… let me work that math out and I will get back to you).
    “…good posts are the ones that Readers get surprised by what they write as comments”

    * for your sake, I hope that did not make any kind of sense, much less form a reasonable rationale


  5. Ivy, oh Ivy. I love your post today. I love that you can throw out a triad of words like “organic emotional upheaval” and I instantly think: damn! what an excellent adjective!
    I love always that you share Doug. I love the last vid…..


  6. Well, you certainly know how to make a girl tear up. I was the first one to read this, but I just couldn’t comment. (I know for a fact that I read this before Lizzi, the frist-stealer!) You, Dear, are a marvelous friend. It brings out the best in all of us.
    Damn shame you won’t take money, though. I had a check for a million dollars sitting on my counter waiting to be mailed on Monday.


    1. Thank you Christine! You KNOW that was a typo right? “Not taking anyone’s money if its less than a million dollars” I mean I have common sense…

      You kinda have stealth frist then huh?


  7. I have some serious thoughts on friendship of late – and I don’t even know that we’ve really talked about it much. But I can tell you this – I treasure the friendship we’ve found and you are just the most, to say the least.


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