I didn’t set out to write about anger, it just kinda happened. This is in response to the prompt “rattle” for Two Shoes Tuesday.

Two Shoes Tuesdsay

  • Injustice
  • A friend living in Florida is trying her best to take care of her elderly mother at home. Her mother has advanced stage Alzheimer’s disease. After a recent hospitalization, Medicare has stopped paying for her oxygen. Apparently insurance now gets to decide how long you can afford to keep breathing.
  • As many  know I recently received good news about my health insurance, but it took shaming the governor of my state on NPR to get things done, despite my having requested the help from him, both my state senators, the Massachusetts State Health Connector, two advocacy agencies and the Boston Globe over four months. I’m trying to let it go but find I’m still angry.
  •  Refusal to make necessary changes. Sometimes you need to change. “Sorry” is acceptable once, even twice, don’t do it again is better.
  • When I see people belittling other people.
  • Animal abuse, child abuse, abuse of any kind.
  • Senseless killing, that the term “prisoner of conscience” has reason to exist.
  • Killing for God… for that matter, any bad behavior in the name of God. If you believe in God: God laid down the ten commandments, and last I checked they were a fairly complete list of do’s and don’ts, including one of my personal favorites- “Thou shalt not kill.” Maybe Jesus isn’t part of your theology but if He is: Jesus got angry (e.g. expelling money changers from the Temple) but he didn’t apologize for his anger. He does not kill anyone, He does not sin. He controls himself.  He has no need to apologize. Being angry… okay- Killing, maiming, traumatizing… not so much.
  • Militant anything-ism
  • Overindulging mine or anyone’s anger… so I will stop here.

And to lighten things up  please enjoy a Gary Larson moment:


Far-Side-Chickens-Egg-Fight images (1) images (2) tfs14



  1. I feel very privileged to live in the UK where you can get treated for free anytime, for as long as necessary. Does Obamacare help in cases like this? I do hope you get some help soon. I agree with all your points. Gary Larson was one of my favourite cartoonists – I used to have one up on my fridge for years. Is Douglas a poodle? I have a labradoodle called Lola, she is my assistance dog (she is at the top of my blog on the pages). ~Liz


  2. The good thing here is being able to let off steam in print. This is such a more civilized way to do rather than to explode inwardly or outwardly too. I am sure you feel better now!


  3. I liked this, it made me smile! Is anger supposed to do that? Maybe so, when it’s healthy venting and I can agree with you right down the line. There is righteous anger – anger that is well placed. God help us when the day comes that these things fail to stir up our indignation and sense of right and wrong! Excellent post, my friend, thank you!


  4. It’s ok to be angry and vent. What’s not ok is to be angry and cause harm. I think you stated that quite well in your post. Like the photos of your dog. I doubt you can stay angry long with such a handsome furry at your side. He looks like a happy fellow.


    1. thanks Patricia… that little handsome furry is my best bud and one of the best beings Ive had the pleasure of knowing so thanks ! He is quite humble and would blush at the handsome comment but he appreciates it anyway!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I think we’re pretty much in agreement about what makes us angry. I hope your insurance debacle is history and stays that way.


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