A to Z Learn Something New Every Day


…okay, it’s the alphabet, but do I know how to swing a synonym or what?

unnamed (6)

The site at the end of this paragraph has very detailed instruction on how to make these letters. Me? I say this. If you know the letter has a curve there- fold the corner over. If the letter has a space there – cut a line and fold the corners away from the line you just cut. Otherwise If you feel the need for a straight edge and an  exacto – go here- Make Folded Letters.

None the less, whatever method you choose… it makes for nice quick signage in a pinch!


6 thoughts on “A to Z Learn Something New Every Day

  1. no way I’m FRIST

    (hell, I’ll take it! you know, I’ve been thinking that this A-2-Z is a plot to diminish the ranks of the blogging community, the better for the rogers to share reflection of the lonely egret and the complete Book of Civil War recipes, using only spoiled meat and rotting vegetable, (cause if you’re gonna re-enact the fascinating world of warfare and human misery, you’re going to want to eat right)


    1. i haven’ t really put anything into this this year. I have been bad about getting around as well. It could be the way many are feeling it seems this year… it also me as a very dark clark egged on by a rancid roger. Maybe you have something with that human misery thing and eating right? naw.


  2. I knew a kid in Jr High School (total geek) but he stumbled onto origami in, like, the 7th grade….totally amazing things he could do with paper, probably worth the extra getting-beat-up-on that was part of his social life in this most serene social environments.


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