A to Z Learn Something New Every Day

Thirty Second Memories

Let’s play Thirty Second Memory!

What you do is:

  • scroll down to the collage below this paragraph .
  • Study it for 30 seconds
  • Then write down how many of the objects you can recall (without looking) in another 30 seconds.
  •  After 30 seconds of writing, go back and check your answers against the picture.
  • The person who recalls the most is the obvious winner!

This is one of those silly party games that women used to play at baby and wedding showers before they became big catered affairs. It’s also a fun memory challenge if you need to improve your memory. I made quite a few of these collages for my sister after she had a stroke. It really did help improve her memory. At least we thought it did! If a collage isn’t available, a very busy magazine or newspaper page works as well. For a more 3D game you can just put a mess of random junk out on a table top and do the same thing.









unnamed (8)





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 There are 25 pictures in this collage, but there are many more images in it!


12 thoughts on “A to Z Learn Something New Every Day

  1. Lots of birds: penguins, ducklings, the chickens,
    Teddy R
    the rotten cats
    carrot cake
    strange black furry blob I couldn’t identify

    Shit. Brian made me stop to talk to a rep about cancelling a credit card. Now I can’t remember anything else. Poop.



    Baby, Turkey, Chicks, Tree, Carrots, Jack’o’lantern, camel, spongebob, stapler, rotten cats, a black and white man-face, lily, seashell, weird totem lady, er… er… er… er…MONA LISA….er..er..er..er..er..er..er..er..DONE


    1. weird totem lady is is Smokey the Bear… you dont have smokey over there? and black and white man is teddy roosevelt… you better practice your american presidents before september I hear there is a quiz in customs before they let you in.


      1. Smokey the what the hell? OH OH HE MADE TEDDY BEARS I KNOW HIM! We have teddy bears.

        I think I could probably pick Abe Lincoln out of a line-up. And Clinton. And Obama.

        Eerrrrrr no others though. And if there’s a quiz I will have to go home 😦


  3. Bill Clinton, Lizzi, Star gazer lillies, carrots, chickens, hens, back end of a black dog? A baby picture of maybe your Dad. I agree, seeing Lizzi was distracting. This is a fun game. I played it with the kids in my class, sort of. I took one object away and to see if they could guess which one.


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