10 Reasons Why the SBOR/BOSR* May Be More Important Than You Think

I was going to write about the SGVs (seven guard virgins), but then I remembered this entry from early last year. Feel free to skip it… I just got lazy and went with a repost.

*SBOR/BOSR : Secret Book of Rules/ Book of Secret Rules is a rare tome guarded by a throng of 7 ethereal, yet sturdy virgins (3 male, 4 female). This volume is reported to be infinite in its entries.

1. It’s entries are infinite because you can totally make up any given entry whenever the need arises.

2. It is important to note that only one entry in the SBOR/BOSR has any permanence. That would be rule 1.3 developed by Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine… and I quote: ” Hey!  new people!!  free tip on the BoSR (aka SB0R)….SR 1.3   (which states, in part: the completion of a list of Ten Things, may, in fact, be included and cited as an item of that selfsame list; provided that it isn’t used every week and gets, you know, like old….)”

3. Clark didn’t write the SBOR/BOSR so it will probably make sense to you! Just kidding , Clark! Oh stop it…don’t be like that!

4. You never know when you need a good virgin story.

5. So you should know that in order to use the SBOR/BOSR one must convince the virgins that you are on a righteous path and not just trying to get out of writing an entry or two. In order to convince said virgins you must not only pose a good argument but be willing to put on a helluva dance as well… PLEASE DON’T FORGET THE DANCE… IT”S MY FAVORITE PART!

6. Rules- while totally fabricated by their user often become more convincing when accompanied by a subsection or two. I once again quote a rule I myself used to alleviate the anxiety caused by a late posting from our friend Denise, at GirlieOn TheEdge’s Blog:  “…by invoking rule 6.7 subsection 56t that states ‘Once one is pretending to be intimidated by another’s TToT she/he is entitled to write only one of two possible TToT listings as late as need be ( ie late into Sunday night eastern standard time.)’”

7. The virgins while “ethereal yet sturdy” and downright otherworldly, are not incorruptible… BUT… they aint easy!

8. This one has nothing to do with the SBOR/BOSR but I can’t have a TToT without being thankful for (XXXX) Doug … sorry just sayin’.lllllll

9. Some days you just don’t feel freaking thankful okay? Rule 6.7 subsection k says : When the author finds themselves to be a genuine ingrate, they should get a grip, but in the mean time may use this rule as an entry in the TToT of their choosing.

10. I invoke SR 1.3. (See what I did there?)


18 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why the SBOR/BOSR* May Be More Important Than You Think

  1. the Virgins are surely smiling upon this here Post here… most excellent of expositions on the fabulous BoSR/SBoR! In all sincerity, it is surely one of the best things about the TToT as a bloghop and as a thing that we know that a lot of other bloggers don’t know, but would wish that they did know, if they knew…what they didn’t know…. ya know?


  2. Hey! Thank you for the shout out! As a matter of fact, it’s early Sunday morning and I haven’t put up my post yet! In fact, I may trash what I have and post something else so thank God! you are reminding everyone of the Book LOL

    #5? I got that one. I got it 😀


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