A to Z Learn Something New Every Day



Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Thanks everyone. 

Enjoy one last little video!


21 thoughts on “A to Z Learn Something New Every Day

  1. haha I don’t know why but your Zen wisdom made me laugh out loud… congratulations – I might join up on some of your TToT posts this year… and I’ll be checking out the rest of your A-z posts today 🙂


  2. This is awesome, the perfect smile to accompany my lunch at the park today! Yes, where ever so happy to be finished with the A-Z, and I we can resume I regularly scheduled posting, or not is the case maybe 🙂 Douglas is always a star in my books!


  3. lol… excellent ‘finish’! (total blog post envy on my part!)

    it was as fun as I expected (given my knowing you and the others)… Hey! lets never do one of these again!! lol
    seriously…. congrats and such


    Love the tail. LOVE the tail. Love the TAIL!
    Here’s to May – it couldn’t get here soon enough!


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