Tuesday 10 on a Wednesday

The Golden Spoons

life…nutty lately….

hooking up late here….

it is a tuesday hop after all…

it’s wednesday…

better late than never….


The challenge was to post the last ten shots on your camera phone….

unnamed (6)Taking time to do face stretches during intermission

unnamed (7) free ranging the girls unnamed (8)  and boys (neighbors) unnamed (9) My desk wall… the mid right pair of legs is a sticker from my nephew for his tattoo place. I was just showing him I posted it.

unnamed (10) Richard with the winning picture from the last contest before it was mailed off to Sarah the winner

avocado breaking through the pit soon.unnamed (12) unnamed (13) …ah spring walks unnamed (14)The photo I asked to have printed and have to find a spot for now

unnamed (15) … ah spring evenings


16 thoughts on “Tuesday 10 on a Wednesday

  1. Oh, dear! Once again Bear is disqualified. No pictures on camera phone. gggrrr No way of getting pictures from camera phone to computer and thus on-line, anyhow.
    Suitable primitive. As in suitably primitive for a Bear. As for humans, . . . well, that’s a different matter.
    Blessings and Bear hugs to you, Ivy. Best regards to your chief Bear chaser, Douglas. (I do hope his relationship with the Bears is improving, though I suspect it isn’t.)


    1. It’s really quite funny about our bears because two were in the yard yesterday and Doug didn’t even respond . Yet first thing in the morning he has taken to barking at his reflection… I think he just likes the sound of his voice and is too blind to see the big guys in the distance… either that or he is just ” barking mad!”

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  2. Hey, that kid on your desk wall looks eerily familiar! 😉
    Love that so many of us had moon shots!
    Sarah picked a good one!
    Doug is looking almost peppy in that photo.
    You are growing an avacado in a jar? Was that an A-Z post that I don’t remember/missed?

    So glad to see you link up and join the fun!


  3. Hey Ivy. That coexist sticker is one of my favorite. As well as No Whining, of course. That is the one I need around here. I might just draw it. The countryside around you is beautiful. Now I am jealous of Sarah all over again – not really but Richatds photo is awesome.


  4. Maybe we should try facial stretches at intermission! Last violin concert, my boys just spent the time punching each other. Fun!!
    Thanks for linking up!


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