downloadIronically this happened on the same morning, same store, same kid. There’s always a kid isn’t there? Said kid was five at the time. We were walking down the feminine hygiene aisle when he spotted a woman picking up an oversized pack of sanitary napkins.

Five-year old male (Him): “Hey! we need those too!”

Me: ” No we don’t”

Him: ” Yes we do! What are they for?”

Me: “Picking up spills.”

Him: ” I spill a lot.”

Me: “Yes, you do. I figure if I stop buying things to pick it up, you’ll stop spilling. Pretty cool thinking, huh?”

Him: ” Spills don’t work that way.”

We finished our shopping but of course not without the requisite rest room visit. Like any little boy you take him into the women’s room. Today of course a woman was getting a tampon out of the machine.

Him: Throwing his all into a mounting tantrum. ” I want a magic marker, too!!!!”

It never stops. Ok, maybe it does, but you’ll have to ask his wife.

Today is my first Finish the Sentence Friday. Finish-the-Sentence-Friday-New-Pin-720-FUN



  1. HAHAH first, I can’t believe it’s your frist finish the sentence and second – PERFECTION. I totally feel your pain right back.


  2. Boys will be boys, and they seem to have a fascination with such things. I could tell you a story of some very grown up boys who discovered an unused panty liner in it’s lovely floral plastic wrap on their showroom floor where it must have fallen from some woman’s purse. It was opened and game of “keep away, it has cooties” ensued with grown men trying to avoid being touched and thus defiled. Good grief, really guys?! 🙂


  3. When I was in college, I was at the grocery store with my mom when she knocked a ginormous display of pads to the ground. I disappeared to the other side of the store before the last box fell.


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