So, now we turn the corner to TToT 101.

unnamed (21) It has been crazy cold here. At least it looks warm. 30 degrees is predicted tonight. So I took in some flowers unnamed (25)before the poor buggers freeze to death.

unnamed (16) I was gifted this bowl about twenty years ago. I was looking for it this week, so I could give it to my sister who has recently taken up pottery. It was made by a potter she discovered on YouTube, and I happened to have a few of his pieces because he was a friend of a friend. Knowing I give stuff away a lot, I thought I already gave it to someone. By a turn of fate, I found it (quite accidentally) holding up some books on the top shelf in my office.

We got to spend time with this gal this week.unnamed (18)

This week marks the start of SIX SENTENCE STORIES. I will be kicking it off on THURSDAY. So make sure to make it back. Six Sentence Stories is the brain-child of Josie in which a cue is given and you get to write a short something related to the cue in six sentences. No more. No less. Not too much to get it written, and not too much to get it read. So I thought I would put out the cue on Sundays and then you have plenty of time to write if you want to participate. Can be fiction, can be non-fiction. Doesn’t have to include the cue word just relate to it. unnamed (19) ( Here’s the badge. I still have to figure out how to grab that sucker… my computer is not letting me get that done…No worries it will be done by Thursday kick off!)

unnamed (20)Finally got the MRI’s of my friend’s back injury and was able to help her to figure out what was actually happening. It was fun to wear my other work hat for a while although my buddy’s back is lousy. (Psych is my second career.)

I said this last week but it bears repeating. Dandelions. Dandelions. Dandelions.

unnamed (23) unnamed (22) Daisy was a chick this time last summer. She is getting bigger. Remember her? She is named for Dyanne’s aunt who kept a chicken as a house pet.

Really!? Has it only been a year?

Doug got a new licence this week from Tags for Hope. 10% of every tag goes to support no kill shelters. He got a big one and an identical teeny-tiny one for his collar. On the back are a few precautions about his medical history.

unnamed (24)

Finish-the-Sentence-Friday-New-Pin-720-FUN I don’t know what took me so long, (Kristi seems to think it’s because I’m a “weeniebutt,”) but I did my first FTSF this week. Here it is… short and sweet…well….short.

To make it an official 10,  I will say thanks for Doug… and leave you with a short vid of him protecting the homestead from the evil chicken menace…

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful

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28 thoughts on “TToT

  1. We’re expecting some pretty low temperatures here as well. I’ve got my veggies all decked out in their ghost costumes for the night. Hopefully after tonight I’ll be able to put them away until maybe the fall (if I’m not sick of gardening by then).


  2. I LOVE your video of Doug … and could post an almost identical one. Mine involves another small white dog – Romeo my Bichon Frise. He loves to hang out on the couch and bark out the window at the cat that wanders around outside next door. He’s seen this cat 1,000 times. She’s harmless – yet you’d think she was an axe murderer the way Romeo barks. Fierce protection going on here at my home daily. Love your post! It gave me many smiles and I thank you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. so do you mean how fast do they grow? they grow quite fast. and with most breeds you really cant tell if you have a rooster or hen until it crows or is considerably larger than the others but even size isnt fool proof. I have a youtube vid of the chickens leaving our coup for the morning and it will show you the adolescents which are about 12 weeks old. In the baby vid of daisy (above) she is about 6 weeks old.

      oops … it didnt upload correctly. I will do it later ( Im at work now) but this is one of our rooster who is a year old also.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That kick butt picture? Is that what was wrong on your friend’s MRI, or is that what we’re going to do in SSS? Or is it in reference to the banner/badge, which I’m wondering if I’m ever going to be able to install anyway.? I must say Doug is looking quite white and fluffy.


  4. Lilacs! My most favorite scent of all! That bowl is truly beautiful! I am totally excited about the restart of Six Sentence Stories and can’t wait for tomorrow’s prompt to jumpstart my brain! And I still really feel that you need to give Skip a turn at driving, it’s only fair now that he has his license! 🙂


  5. There is just something so satisfying so right about seeing a dog bark at birds. Not sure if i can explain it. But I feel the same way about watching a dog roll in the grass too. Its just satisfying.


  6. It doesn’t matter that Doug aka the Skipster protects from the comfort of his couch:)
    That’s a very cool idea – the license thing. And I like that even a small amount of the proceeds go to support no kill shelters.


  7. My lilac bush must be sickly, ’cause I didn’t even recognize those gorgeous flowers of yours as lilacs. That many of them must make the whole house smell delightful!
    Nice work, Douglas. Can you give my oldest a few tips on how to get his license? It’s taking an awfully long time…
    I love it when I find something I thought I didn’t have anymore. Quite fortuitous that you have some pottery from a potter your sister likes.
    Look at you, hosting TWO hops! 🙂


    1. Dear Christine,
      I most likely can’t assist your oldest unless he developed an interest in ridding us of the great chicken menace. Ivy says if I can’t reach the pedals I can’t use the car.
      with fondness and regret,


  8. HAHA to little Dougie protecting the world from killer chickens (and he totally meant to fall over on purpose by the way – a tactic to trick those chickens into believing he’s weak). Yay for you Weeniebutt and for doing a FTSF and for your sweet Daisy who is a cool big girl now. Also, Doug’s pet ID is awesome!!! I’m a little jealous Chief never had one!


  9. Ohhh, love the “passport” picture of little Doug, he looks so serious and official 🙂 You should have let him wear a tie in it! Dandelions are so, so awesome! Violet can hardly pass by one without admiring it. Richard told me he has the “one per round”-rule going. She gets to stop and pick one dandelion both on her way to and home from kindergarten, otherwise they’d never arrive 🙂

    Have a wonderful week, Ivy!


  10. I taught Mr. Leo to blow dandelions last week and then took a video of him spitting all over them. I’ll send it if I haven’t already deleted it from my phone. Or I can email it.
    I couldn’t get the HTML to work so I just did the image in my sidebar. I’m so excited! I have my six words ready.
    Your other hat was more medical?


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