I am severely lacking in time today, but feel the need for some gratitude. I will be sure to get around to more blogs this afternoon… look forward to seeing you later!

1. Douglas, Douglas, Douglas unnamed (12) unnamed (11) unnamed (9)

2. I’m heading out any minute to see Mom. 100_1551

3. Richard sent me some new pics, wanna get ’em to the blog. 11246032_10203486210947557_8048930303371094612_n BABIES!

4. Monday is a work holiday!

5. the SBOR/BOSR for the ability to create my own rule for the price of a short little dance offered up to the seven guard virgins (SGVs). That said I now invoke rule 7 which states that in the light of a very early day in which there is limited time and you still have to take your doggie on his big AM walk before you go,  one may skip to  #7 (see how that works?) as long as she/he starts no higher than #5 when doing so.

7. fruit salad with a touch of feta and reduced balsamic vinegar. lovely.salade-fruit

8. Relief of some medical stuff. nuff said.

9. My car is still going … 197,000 and counting… in a Chevy that’s saying something.

10. unnamed (19)

SSS is returning this Thursday!  Make sure to check it out!



  1. Frist!! (and…yeah, I’m so confident, I’ll just write a little more, show them newbies how it’s done* and all, so I will…. what the hell!

    *and maybe get them to believe that it’s necessary to write more….they’ll learn soon enough….
    damn taking too long!

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  2. #1 (that goes without saying) #5 universally applicable and #7 yum, especially it there is watermelon in there. Enjoy # 4


  3. You may have been short on time, but you were big on thankful. I loved it! I especially love #4 right now – a long holiday weekend. I’m enjoying that, too. Hope yours will be nothing short of spectacular. 🙂


  4. Yay for visits to Mom, I know it makes her heart happy! The salad sounds yummy. Can’t wait to see the new baby pics! The car still running and a break on the medical front, hallelujah for both of those. And YES, to Six Sentence Stories, I love you for taking it on! 🙂


    1. I gotta get that damn badge to load! But yeah, I am happy to take it on! It was so much fun to write something that had to be short! Less pressured,and no real rules about what genre! Love that!

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  5. Hey, you better be keeping good records of the rules! Me, I’ve lost track and I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna be needing almost all of them in the coming weeks!
    This is a delightful, albeit shortened version of the 10T, but I like it just the same AND I’m all for #8, for sure I can relate to #9 and 10? I’m serious about trying it out. If I remember LOL


  6. Did you say shingles?!?!? Have mercy. That is miserable. I’m glad you are feeling better.
    Hope you had a lovely visit with your mom.
    I feel ya with the car still hanging on. My van has 176,000 miles. I can’t imagine it will last much longer. Nor will our car (soon to be the oldest’s car) that has over 200,000 miles on it. Here’s to vehicles that live long past their expiration dates!


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