I woke up Saturday morning with a return of shingles. I had them two weeks ago and chased them away with an antiviral med. I guess a little too much stress brought them back, once the meds were done keeping them at bay. So I went to work, because contrary to popular belief, shingles are not contagious unless you have the nasty skin and its all open and disgusting and stuff. None the less,  I decided to call my clients and let them make up their own minds about whether they wanted to be exposed or not.

I ended up doing paperwork and sadly after six hours of that… I’m closer, but not even close to caught up. There is an excess of bureaucratic paperwork in psychiatry. It’s no wonder it’s full of a bunch of wounded healers, the paperwork has driven us all over the edge. I’m glad I did make a huge dent in it though and as Clark would say there is a hypograt in there of I wouldn’t have had time to do that without the viral issue.

other grats? Yeah sure there are always a few. Here is the old standby ….

DOUG! poipo797es I dunno what I’m gonna do when Doug decides it’s time to move on. I’m not gonna think about that, and just keep enjoying him right now.

Slippery staircase banisters:

I live in a great place where I can see this daily. unnamed (26)

THE CUE IS UP FOR SIX SENTENCE STORIES!unnamed (8) It was very cool last Thursday even if the stupid badge won’t work on WordPress.

I can look out the open window and see chickens. Not Daisy’s best side. Sorry, Dais.unnamed (5)

Richard has been taking lots of photos… I want to get them posted on his blog . There’s some really cool baby eagle shots! He gave me this one. I hung it in my office. I have a bird thing and I love cormorants. 11150537_10203512685809412_4937594904581044766_n They have huge feet… I am also fond of the blue footed boobie…


Okay, some of that is the name, but what cool feet…

I appreciate my neighbors every day. Just cuz. IMG_20131022_180746_352

Richard took this photo too its from this cool little consignment place in town. I like to peruse when I’m wasting some time . 10245343_10201211482600770_974367625_n

This is for Marcia over at Blogitudes… Richard took this photo too.344

Have a great Sunday …. be careful out there this week.Be sure to check out Six Sentence Stories and Lizzi’s logo contest!

20 thoughts on “TToT. I WENT TO WORK ANYWAY.

  1. I love the special mention and the fish sign! Thank you! Gonna have to get me one of those for the house. 🙂 Love your entire post as a matter of fact (no fish story there). Candy corn and neighbors – what could be more fun? And Doug! Great thankfuls … and thank you again for the photo of the sign. Love it! 🙂


  2. Wonderful post! I hope you keep feeling better — a roof is the only place for shingles.
    And what would your good post be without a fishy ending?
    Blessings and Bear hugs!


  3. Haha! “Some true”! We have a blue-footed boobie tile hanging in our stairwell. Not sure you can spot it in the collage I posted.
    Oh, shingles. I am so sorry? Lots of pain?


  4. They came back?!? Oh, Honey. That is way worse than poison ivy on the butt. I hope you get rid of them soon. Very soon.

    Paperwork is dumb. Honestly, why does there need to be more time spent on paperwork than is spent actually taking care of people?

    Blue footed boobie is an awesome bird. We discovered them in a children’s book years ago.

    I’m so not a fiction writer, but I’ll do my best to come up with something for 6 sentence. Don’t get your hopes up, though.


  5. Love the fish stories sign. And how can you NOT love a blue-footed boobie?? Laughed out loud at the female Clark thing. Ha!
    Shingles again??? Honestly.
    Have to tell you the Rottens loved their package from Doug and we all quite enjoyed the entertainment that resulted from their indulgence. I will be posting video soon. Cat One has figured out which cabinet contains the stash and has been sitting looking at it longingly for about fifteen minutes. The hilarity here this afternoon from that little package was great indeed! The magnet went straight to the fridge – we are people who have our memories and loved ones on the fridge and there you are!
    Hope the shingles doesn’t bother you too much. Hugs.


  6. I am so sorry to hear about the shingles, although it sounds as if you knew what was happening, so I hope you feel better soon. Those are some blue feet on that bird.


  7. I haven’t ever had shingles, but I have friends who have and suffice it to say that I am, right now, sending you immediate healing thoughts. Oy vey!
    And your forest looks like my forest…for the next two weeks. I’m glad I’m moving for a good job, but I’m sad to be leaving my forest of 8 years behind. It’s definitely bittersweet. And we’re moving into town…which is also a double-edged sword: I’ll have more of a social life (cuz living 40 minutes from town KILLS the social life) but…we’re leaving the fact that we don’t have to lock our doors and our animals run free…sigh…I hope you have a good week!


    1. The area and my friends is what keeps me here because there are definite challenges to living in a barn… renovated or not …so I can only imagine how difficult it would be to give that up!


  8. That photo of the blue footed boobie made me smile! I’m sorry you have been battling shingles, I have had them too they are awful!! Take care, and here’s to a shingle free week!


  9. Love the clark-bird. They’re funny.

    Looking forward to the next prompt – gonna pop over there now.

    You and I wouldn’t be able to meet at the moment. I have nasty disgusting open skin atm *sigh*


  10. You are the epitome of “if you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.” Shingles? Man, that sucks!
    Daisy butt!
    I was always too big a scaredy cat to slide down a banister, but I did jump off my grandma’s chicken house roof to see if I could fly or not (not).
    Your woods look very similar to Ozark woods.


  11. I had Shingles too years ago. I will pray for you tonight. I hope you don’t get the nerve damage. I hated the shocking and tingling feeling along my nerve endings where the sores were. I am glad that despite your illness you were still able to find some wonderful things to be thankful for.


  12. I have not had shingles but my BFF had a bad case of them many years ago. I hope that you don’t suffer the nerve damage that my BFF did. Yeah for sliding down banisters! So much fun! And big thankfuls for Skippy-Doug. I hope that this week is a great week for you.


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