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SO the Blogging Challenge is Spring… This is Spring around here in five photos. Things are not quite in full force yet as a matter of fact it was 49 degrees this morning. There is a lot of green around though.

unnamed (28)

This is from the house toward the chicken coup.

unnamed (32) This is the coup toward the house.

unnamed (31)unnamed (30) unnamed (27) … and the lawn needs mowing.



  1. Looks beautiful! And Doug seems not to have a care in the world. Which, I suppose, is the way it should be.
    Now, add a Bear or two for a little excitement, and the place will be wonderful.
    Blessings and Bear hugs!


    1. Oh we have had visits from exactly two bears so far! One was quite possibly the biggest bear I have ever seen! He was hanging out with the chickens in the yard a few Saturdays ago! That wasn’t you was it? You would stop and say hello right?

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  2. 49 degrees at your place. . . in the 90s at mine. Spring is long-gone for me, but I love your theme interpretation—GREEN! 🙂


  3. I love your photos, the trees are so green and I especially like the shot of your doggie lying there so peacefully taking it all in. The dandelions in the images make your surroundings look natural and unspoiled.


  4. The photo of the dandelion is amazing! That’s the kind of photo I would proudly print out and display in my house 😉


  5. Hi Ivy,

    Lovely, lush green photos. Nicely done. I do hope you meant 49 Fahrenheit or you are really in trouble 🙂 I believe you have a furry lawnmower ready for action.



  6. A good set of photos for the challenge. And I really like the “former dandelion” or “blow flower” as I always called them. Great focus on it!


  7. You did a great job conveying the quality of the sunshine you enjoy this time of year, especially in the first and fourth photographs. And while I regularly wage war against the volunteer dandelions that find their way into our yard, there’s something about a dandelion puff that brings back memories of a carefree childhood… Lovely!


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