unnamed (11)Thresher

Dressed in his Sunday best, a black suit and wide brimmed hat, the old farmer stood in the corner. He rubbed his hand across his temples to ease the headache.

“He’s in my room again, Mom.” Jorrel had made his way across the wide expanse of the newly renovated building and into his mother’s bedroom. Earlier that morning, satisfied that she had found what she was looking for, she finished researching the old Shaker barn that was now their home. On the death certificate was written, “Decapitation by thresher.”

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***This was written for Six Sentence Stories. Using six sentences …no more, no less. The cue this week is BEAMS. This is about the renovated Shaker barn that is now my home. 

33 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE STORIES

    1. sometimes you hear funny noises in the barn but I really think its just the building settling. when I first heard this story it was scary but now that I live here for as long as I have it’s not scary at all I really love it here.

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  1. Yikes, what a tragic way to die, but I agree that if a building is to have a resident ghost, I’d much rather it be a Shaker farmer, than some sinister character from the mob! I loved the way you started this, making the ghost seem very real, which of course it really is!


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