Vicarious Travel, Limericks, and the TToT

unnamed (9) Friends are travelling this week and I get to travel vicariously through them. I used to travel tons. It was one of my favorite things really. My health has changed a lot of that, but I may need to make an exception in order to keep my sanity.

unnamed (10) This may come as a shock but, I have a dog. I am pretty grateful for his furry little behind.

Ever do that thing where you’re just running in for a minute so you leave the back door open? You gotta be careful, cuz you never know who is gonna wander in…unnamed (14)

I’m also pretty happy with rounding the house to see these blooming… unnamed (12)

and the front looks nice too…unnamed (11) not to mention the garden is starting to come up…unnamed (13) We mulched right after this photo so now it looks like we just have rotting leaves in the garden.

Six Sentence Stories:unnamed (19)I’m having some fun coming up with cues for Six Sentence Stories. I try not to bias myself by thinking up a story line and THEN the cue cuz that wouldn’t be kosher. I do try to think up a word that can be used as both a verb and a noun… a same spelling, different definition kind of thing.

I’m also so grateful that people want to play! I was thankful last week for people even giving it a thought and intention… My friend Candy reminded me of that this week, and I stand on the same ground. The intention may lead to joining in, and that would be extra cool! So be sure to get over to find out the cue on Sundays so you can be thinking… You have until Thursday and technically you have until Saturday A.M. to link up … six sentences , no more, no less… makes it easier to read and write if you ask me!

10805703_10203544544405857_2530611984112784792_n 11146621_10203473228743010_247152239011875730_n

I updated Richard’s photography blog… I really like doing that because there are so many beautiful shots and he is such a good friend. It’s really the least I could do. He sees it differently, but he would.

And if you recall Saturday’s TToT:

I’m trying this thing with the writing
Even though I don’t find it exciting,
But I can only bitch,
To David and Rich,
For so long before
They start biting. 

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20 thoughts on “Vicarious Travel, Limericks, and the TToT

  1. You live in such a beautiful place! I’ve had to be sure to shut my door, too, for the same reason. Silly chickens!


  2. Whatever you do with your writening
    Tho you might find it baffling or frightening
    I hope that it’s worth it
    I hope you can surf it
    May your word journey be most enlightening.


      1. I’m going to jump in here and say no. I think Vanessa was talking about Richard’s photo. It looks a lot like a redbud tree. (We have a bunch in our yard.)


  3. We are your traveling friends too-New Orleans, where the trees are full of beads even in June. Your yard is just lovely.


  4. We’re limericking? Cool! This one is from the Rottens…

    There once was a doggie named Skip.
    We all think that he’s quite a pip.
    If you give him a chance
    He’ll make your heart dance.
    Oh never mind that was catnip!


    Gorgeous photos. Can I come live with you? So beautiful and peaceful…


  5. Seeing those chickens reminds me of the one time I was working in the ER. I was out at triage. It wasn’t busy that night so I pulled out my book. The sliding doors opened and I looked up and no one was there so I went back to reading. The door opened again. I looked. No one was there. It opened again and I was like WTF I’m trying to get my reading on so I went to investigate.
    It was a damn pigeon. Yup.
    I love your yard and garden. Looks great!!
    I’d bust you a sick rhyme but well….I need more coffee or beer or confidence or creativity 🙂


    1. ahahhahahahaha! I just noticed this comment…. sorry so loooong! A pigeon? I was expecting you to say it was a cat or something…. It might as well been a chicken as pigeons are the chickens of the city.


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