I know it sounds silly but I really love our chickens. I love my dog no doubt, but the girls are a lot of fun and pretty cool despite all the work. They’re a part of life that gives me some big payback. I’m sure it sounds weird, but I have become attached to three of them in particular. unnamed (1)There is Daisy Dillon of course… 

Then there are Roberta and Harriette, unnamed (14) who were the intrepid explorers in the group.  Always together they both were born in 2005 and had the most seniority in the coop. Harriette was named for my friend and college advisor.

Harriette died today. We just went out to the coop a few moments ago to let the girls run for a bit and she was lying in the dirt as she always does looking like she had been enjoying a dirt bath when her life ended. She was like a house pet. She would follow all of us around, even Douglas. She ate from our hands and often wanted to come in the house (the above photo was a rare occasion when she and Roberta managed to get past the guard. It may seem silly to miss a chicken but I think I will. unnamed-3 12 unnamed (15)

Harriette 2005-2015
Harriette 2005-2015



21 thoughts on “Harriette

  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Harriette. Of course you’ll miss her. She had a happy ten years, which is unheard of for a chicken (or is that just at our house?). I hope it doesn’t throw the other girls into a tizzy. I’m sure they will miss her, too.


    1. no, theyre fine. THis is old for our coop too… last year we lost almost everyone to predators… I think we had ten left by the end of the summer ( out of about 36).


  2. I’m sorry to learn of the loss of your friend, Harriette. Any chicken who could be a friend to Douglas must have been special, to him and to you.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


  3. I am so sorry about Harriette – I don’t care what kind of animal we name as a pet, they are companions and friends. I’m sure you’ll miss her. That reminds me that I have chicken shots to share from our farm trip last Friday. Have to remember to post those…


  4. Ivy, I’m so sorry about Harriette! 😦 Animals – regardless of what kind they are – truly add such joy and happiness to our lives … and the longer we have them, the more attached to them we get. I know you’ll miss Harriette and all the special things about her. That’s the hard part about loving animals – they seldom outlive us. So glad you have pictures and great memories to enjoy. It sounds like Harriette led a very happy life with you (just as Doug is) and that’s the best gift we can give our pets. 🙂


  5. I am not a bit surprised that you will miss Harriette. It is clear that you feel your connection to all living things, and a chicken that has been free-range for ten years is a pretty smart ol’ gal! Reverence for all life is important, and I know that Harriette and her friends in the coop provide reasons to smile on days that smiles are harder to find. This was a lovely tribute, it made me smile too. If only we could all pass just as she did, of old age, happily doing what we enjoyed!


  6. I’m so sorry! Whether they are dogs, cats, or chickens Pets become part of the family and it is always sad to lose them.


  7. Oh, I loved this post. It reminded me of the stories about growing up on the farm my Mom would tell. During the brutal Minnesota winters, she and her mom would warm the baby chicks in the oven! She also said her Mom would sometimes order baby chicks in the mail, delivered by Joe, the mailman.


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