A Single Pair…Not to Be Confused With a Pair of Singles

I decided to do some writing. Limericks always help prep and limber me up. They also make me realize that I think too much about the ridiculous… like how many pairs of things are really considered a single item… glasses, tweezers, binoculars… Thanks for that little trigger, Josie! 🙂

What do you do 
when a pair of you 
is only a single one?
Although a couple 
may insinuate double
It’s not, ’til the marriage is done.
And what’s under there? 
Is that underwear?
A pair of trousers is also as one.
Scissor blades also dual
A double-edged tool
There’s a pair just to get one job done.
In archery a pair
are two with a spare.
An extra arrow if one goes astray.
So one can be two 
or three, yes it’s true
A BUNCH of flowers can be a bouquet.

Two Shoes Tuesdsay um… is that a pair of shoes? Just sayin’.


14 thoughts on “A Single Pair…Not to Be Confused With a Pair of Singles

  1. A limerick is always a good place to start, just as a pair of binoculars is a great thing to have when bird-watching. (And with that comment, I believe I should refrain from ever doing so again unless I’ve gotten more than 6 hours of sleep.)


  2. It does get one to thinking,
    About two shots in one glass for drinking,
    A drink or two, who knows?
    And after awhile you doze.

    It does get this one thinking,
    Her own limericks are stinking.
    So she thanks you for yours
    And hope you post mores.

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  3. What a wonderful bit of mental merriment and word play, you are good at this!! Yes, definitely a pair of shoes is two, but would we do well if we only wore a shoe? I’ve tried it, trust me, not an attractive sight! 🙂


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