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Living in the suburbs of a popular vacation spot, a place where the snowbirds land from warmer climes every year, can be a real challenge during tourist season. Summer after summer, it tries my patience when cars sporting plates as far south as New Mexico and west as California, occupy my favorite parking space, or find themselves slowing down at every intersection in town hoping to find those special, quaint little niche spots that are a dime a dozen when you live in Mayberry. They slow their vehicle to a crawl, often earning the moniker of the “Meme mobile,” as they scrutinize every corner and storefront. “There’s a cute little shop down that street!” They’ll think nothing of coming to a sudden dead halt in the middle of the road, as if the one they just passed or the next street forty feet ahead, won’t take them to the same place. I suppose when you’re on vacation you don’t have to give a thought to the writing on your rear view mirror. Stockbridge-Summer10-A0176Kellogg.


26 thoughts on “Checking out

  1. damn it I scheduled this for tomorrow I’m going to fix the clock on my blogs post. Anyway Mayberry is a mythical little town from a television show in the 1950s that was supposed to be like every town America small, wholesome little town. it came from The Andy Griffith Show


  2. What’s up?! Today is still June 10. You guys are time traveling? lol
    Nicely written Zoe. Cool looking town. I love towns where the parking is on the diagonal. Gives it a small town feel for sure.
    Yep. I can picture everyone hanging out at Floyd’s Barber Shop 😀


  3. I live in a shore town which population swells by triple in the summer months. In our lingo, they are known as “bennies”. I believe the term originated when people from the North of NJ came to enjoy the benefits of the shore. Go figure. They are the ones who wear black socks with their sandals. When I visit the beach town in NC, I’m a tourist, or worse, a Yankee. I loved this six sentence story.


    1. Oh Thanks Val! I guess this feeling makes us “townies!” oh yeah… the socks and sandal look… with the woven hat and loud print shirts! Around here its madras print pants and golf shoes/ white!

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  4. We live off a main road that is the route to the beaches, so in the Summer we often have to battle traffic just to get into our neighborhood. My husband likes to grouse, ‘tourist season should be like hunting season, I should be allowed to shoot them!’ Obviously he doesn’t mean it in the literal sense, but we can empathize.


  5. I don’t go to tourist places when lots of tourists are there. Off-season is how I like to travel. When Bryan was in law school, I was considered a “townie” because I lived and worked but didn’t go to school in that college town. I HATED it when the students came back after each break.


  6. This used to drive me crazy in Asheville too. We were just in New Orleans and I was thinking about if I lived there, I’d leave town for Mardi Gras every year.


  7. This happens the world over. I lived an worked in a small country town in Australia for three years and it was heaven to be accepted as one of them. I even begrudged the casual visitors!


  8. Oh yes, the joys of tourists. That’s one problem we don’t have here, no one comes here by choice! :-). I take care to avoid vacationing during peak tourist seasons when I can, I detest crowds and people who behave like they are cattle, dumb and unruly. Loved your thoughts about turning tourist season into hunting season, Papa Bear carries concealed everywhere he goes, and would be quite happy to help with crowd control and out-of-town who stop in the middle of the street to gawk! 🙂

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    1. I didnt consider where I was moving when I first relocated here. I had been in college towns that are just as bad but didnt put it all together…. I love it here too much to let it bug me enough though.


  9. Would you believe we have that inland? Apparently this is a cool place for people to vacation…WTF? Anyway, I drive like that around my own town because I’m a goofball like that. I’ll try to pretend I’m cool when I visit your town one day. 😉


    1. Would you believe I actually live inland!? HAHAHHAAH! I will never understand the attraction of the Berkshires as a vacation destination. Usually you can walk behind any two or more tourists and hear “Is this it? Why do people come here?”


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