TToT Day Two Cuz the Weekend is Like That…

1. My sister is coming for a visit this evening. She spent the day with Mom and is coming up from there. We live a few hours apart so we don’t see each other a lot. We talk a lot but not always in person.100_3312 Melissa and Mom.

2. Doug. Have I mentioned him before. I have a dog Doug. Just in case you didn’t know that. My dog, his name is Doug…. sometimes. unnamed (3)

3. Look , this is the TToT and I know it’s the primo hop but I am so happy to have so many people wanting to participate in six sentence stories…. The cue will be out in the a.m. cuz I finally was able to fix the time on my blog…No the badge still isn’t grabbable but…unnamed (11) I’ll link to the cue in the a.m.

4. I’m also grateful because you are maybe thinking of participating in #3 this week. I know you are… c’mon…. YOU know you want to!!!! hahahahaa! No pressure… I roll on the no pressure principle… I’m just an obnoxious prig who likes to tease….

5. This weekend there has been a veritable treasure trove of stupid movies…my favorite old black and white B classics and dinosaur movies , and disaster movies, and ridiculous Martian sci-fi stuff. I don’t watch TV much but when I do…16040

6. It hasn’t been warm enough to even consider installing the air conditioner for the season. That is the plus… but having the option is definitely #7.

8. Have I mentioned I have a dog … his name is sometimes Doug… he is def. worth two thankfuls.unnamed (6)

9. The rooster is outside my window cock-a-doodle-doing… it’s a hoot cuz Doug likes to watch him and doesn’t like to get too close to him now that Doug is older…

10. Work today was a totally do-able affair. Long but okay. My desk…unnamed (9)


33 thoughts on “TToT Day Two Cuz the Weekend is Like That…

  1. Ha! I got one!
    I’ve been enjoying the Six Sentence Stories, but I don’t know what I’ll do when I can’t think of a life story for the prompt. I think the last time I tried to write fiction I was in 6th grade! So, please just keep coming up with words from my life, OK? 🙂


      1. Hey! Kristi allow me* (” It was a dark and stormy recess…”)

        *I claim the right to give advice and help solely on the basis of my chickening out of the 6 sentence thingie… oh man! “It was dark and stormy when Heathcliff returned from the chicken coop” gold I tells ya…this is fricken gold!

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  2. Have fun with your sister. That’s always a good time. Doug looks like a pin-up in that photo collage – The many faces of Doug.


    1. “Doug: The Mystery and the Man” … that’s the title to my next book… cool huh? I was also thinking of “The Poodleization of Douglas: The Story of One K9 and the Women Who Loved Him .”

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  3. Have a great time with your sister!
    I always smile when you post a photo of your desk. There’s my baby, right there. This internet is a good thing. It’s so fun to have friends all over the place,


  4. I don’t know what my dog would do if a rooster was in our yard. He’s getting pretty blind and def so I imagine that he might not even notice. He’s kind of like Garfield the cat now. Eats and sleeps 🙂
    I hope that you have a good visit with your sister! I always have a ball with mine. We went to a parade yesterday and she fed my son cotton candy out the whazoo. She’s like a big kid herself!


    1. There was a time in the younger days when Doug would chase after every chicken in the yard and herd them back into the coop and GOd forbid if they “talked” back… NOw he just lies down and lets them do as they please. I suspect its a combo of apathy , deaf, dementia and blindness.


    1. I hope he is… This morning he was so anxious. He didnt want to eat because my sister was here… too anxious …dementia… so finally got him to eat after I kicked her out for a few minutes and then he took his meds and calmed down but up til then I couldnt even get him to go outside.


  5. I’m glad work was okay but seriously sort yer desk out!

    YAY to fun times with your sister, and Six Sentence Stories. And also, I thought you had a dog called Doug – why didn’t you mention him?


      1. Well that’s part of the mystery now i’nit? He’s a bit of a hulk, dark, youthful, sharp as a tack, frightened of nothing… except maybe Yettis, and dementors. He has one quirk in that being French he sometimes likes to wear a Napoleaon outfit…


  6. TDFKAS is GOLDEN! Good, Clark! Here’s a biscuit!
    Did the two videos I sent ever get to you? THEY ARE TIMELY AND I DIDN’T KNOW IT AT THE TIME!
    I love movies like that, says the person who watched Gidget movies last weekend and Flipper episodes this weekend.


  7. I’m lucky that my sister lives so close. We are close in distance and in our relationship. Love your dog’s name. I had a dog who was blind once. Afraid of dementors…well, who wouldn’t be?


  8. Doug and Franklin (the large puppy that we do day care for) should become best friends. Dogs are pretty darn cool. Yep, your desk needs sorted but in defense of a brilliant mind, so does mine! Hope that you have a great week!


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