The Art of Gratitude at the TToT

I’ve never been one to have a birthday or a Christmas list. My friends and family have found me quite frustrating in that respect. My wants are few and they often see my needs as many. But my needs are not many. They’re more esoteric and intangible, (like health or find out what happened to my partner) and if they’re not, then they are downright expensive (like a car, or my school loans) These things don’t really avail themselves of listing. So what do you get a girl who has everything and nothing all at the same time?

unnamed (22) - CopyLast weekend my niece’s husband, Andy took part in an art show. He is an incredible artist. He also owns a very cool tattoo shop.  He had this painting that I fell in love with and guess what!…. YUP…. gonna be hanging it up some time soon! Is it not the coolest painting?

I love and adore any and all homemade art. Okay, that’s a lie. I was not into all that art with defecation and religious icons from a few years back and there have been a few pieces of museum art that I find too cynical and depressing . What I’m talking about is art that has been made/given by someone I love and who thought I would like it or made it especially for me! 20130826_115553(0) There is the refrigerator door variety… like the poodle wolf seen here… or SpongeBob or the Puppy Planet, both of which are renting space on my fridge. unnamed (34) or this classic!

unnamed (26) - Copyfolksie stuff! My  friend Lori makes these and all kinds of things that would have to be a post by themselves as there are sooooo many!

0423131703unnamed (24) - Copy Then there is the food variety. The cake is actually a three-tiered mountain for a friend with a llama farm but I love giving art away as well… and the cup…my friend Ari made that for me thinking I would love it and I did… but he got to drink it cuz I don’t like coffee… but I love the design… He was trying to make a monkey getting into a taxi on 57th St., but this is what came out. I think it’s pretty impressive no matter what!

20140321_102325-1 I also bind books. All the paper was handmade by my partner. He was an amazing artist. I love being able to make something that as long as the paper holds out is still from us both.

My brother John is an incredible artist. He gave me this (it’s huge!) for the heck of it… I KNOW! I love it! It hangs in my office.20130826_115211 This is a little vignette of some art pieces made by my sister and my niece… and the bird was given to me by friends from a local artist.unnamed (28) - Copy My friend Richard recently printed this for me… he was a good sport when I asked him to forgo some of his usual precision because I so loved the foggy look and the small bird in all that background. I think it makes her look more delicate. unnamed (25) - Copy       It’s a crummy shot of an incredible shot because I forgot to get the computer photo.

20130826_115814This is a hand from an art project when my nephew was in art school. It’s made of beeswax. I use it as a bookend.

Believe me I have much more… but I suppose I should mention a few other things that I find myself grateful for this week.

unnamed (23) - Copy Managed to photograph this little guy on a walk with Doug… Oh , who’s Doug ? Oh well, I try to let him have his privacy and not mention him too often as he fears having too many adoring fans… but, I have this dog that I am also quite grateful for … his name is Doug. He’s pretty cute… as a matter of fact the poodle wolf in the start of this post was modeled after him. I’m sure you will notice the resemblance. unnamed (13)

unnamed (21) - Copy Remember this little guy? He showed up in our yard and on the back deck pretty regularly for a few months. Then he was gone for a few days. We were afraid he got killed…. he DIDN’T! He does have one less toe though. He had a rough night somewhere, but he’s not talking. What happens in Vegas… I’m just glad he’s okay.

This morning I woke up to a thank you that I really appreciated and to another friend bending over in the driveway showing his backside to our security camera. Not as grateful, but very grateful he kept his pants up.


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35 thoughts on “The Art of Gratitude at the TToT

  1. Oh, I really do enjoy looking at your art. Handmade is best, I agree. and I’m glad to see Leo’s little heart. We need to make you some more.


  2. I love special things – like your art that all has meaning to you. Even if I could afford to go and purchase all new household furnishings and decor at once I wouldn’t do it because things gained over time have so much more meaning.

    There’s nothing like being mooned in the morning to start your day off…however.


  3. I love art like yours that reflects the personality of the artist and the owner…and that you won’t find in just any ol’ place. That bird piece really made me smile.
    Poor bird. Wonder what kind of activity leaves you with one less toe!


    1. I think he may have lost the toe on the crane . A house is being built back there and Mike was trying to be very careful of our bird friend and his habitat. Then one day he found him attacking the crane. He hopes no one injured him… but its better than killing him. So we are going to have to be extra vigilant back there for him…


  4. Art is a beautiful gift because it comes from the heart of someone to the heart of you. Especially the kiddie art. I had a little bird visitor that I was sure was my mother’s spirit. It came every day and pecked and pecked at the window. It disappeared on Mother’s Day. Handmade paper? How did he do that?


    1. hand made paper is a very messy process. T had an actual studio with a press and everything for the fancy stuff…. just a grain paper you can make with some old lint, and stuff for pulp, colorings and a few window screens… ugly mess though!


  5. I had no idea that your book binding was done with your partner’s handmade paper. Wow. It makes your beautiful work so much more precious.
    I love all of your eclectic art. Such personality!


    1. Thanks Christine. When we realized he wasnt gonna make it back a friend of his and I cleaned his studio out of all the paper. There werent a lot of pieces left but the local art store has templates to some like the one seen above and still prints it. Ironically today is the day he left for Tibet… I guess I must have subconciously been thinking that with this post.


  6. … I once found a black and white print of a Warren G Harding, in a frame, at a used book store. Phyllis didn’t seem to feel it enhanced the decor!! lol
    those coffee things give me the willies…. you shouldn’t be able to create a design that developed in the the foam (or whatever it is) in a damn cup of coffee!

    Saturday 27 2015…. be there or be square!


  7. I adore your artwork, both the stuff you make and the stuff you acquire. Is that a squirrel on the steer skull? Because I don’t see a tail. Just curious.
    I love the picture of the little bird in the tree. Very wintry, but in a good way.
    I can’t imagine what would take just one toe off a birdie. Hey, you suppose he was FLIPPING the bird at some creature?
    I used to have this friend who had a dog who looked EXACTLY like Doug. Different name, though. Can’t think of it, but it was the name of a peanut butter….


    1. He is a round-tailed desert squirrel as far as I can figure! His tail is in the midline coming up from the back of his coat.

      He could have been flipping something off and it wasnt standing for it….

      REALLY? I knew a woman who kept a chicken in the kitchen! Huh… go figure! BUt that dog musta been a real looker huh? What his name was Peter Pan or Jif?


  8. What a wonderful, eclectic collection! I love that your art is from people you know and love:) It does make it all the more special.
    I echo Christine’s sentiments about the paper. Just be sure to save at least one piece:)
    Ya know, I do see the resemblance! lol


    1. That is the best part of the collection as far as I am concerned. And there are so many that are not even gracing the page… Im really fortunate to know such creative people.

      I have saved a few pieces … He was also a jewelry designer so I have a few of those pieces as well.


    1. yeah , it was nice while it lasted. I wont be using any more probably as I have very little left. If I had enough for a full book maybe… just have scraps … I cant see just holding on to it if it can be useful and enjoyed…


    1. Ive only made them as gifts. But oddly enough Barnes and Noble carries a really nice hemp journal for about $12.00 ( I can barely make them that cheaply) with handmade paper from Nepal … just FYI. Mine are not much different in construction and the paper is all handmade on both.


  9. Handmade art from those we know is definitely the best in my opinion – especially when we know they crafted it with us in mind. Makes it that much more special. I really enjoyed seeing some of your collection … oh, and Doug. I’m one of his fans. 🙂


  10. I actually did wonder when I saw the fridge picture if it was a picture of heroic Doug 🙂 the print with the bird is awesome! I’d totally hang that as a poster. Absolutely beautiful, I almost feel the cold of the frost.. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pieces of art, as different as they may be. I also love that you bind your partner’s paper into books to create joined pieces of art. Definitely a wonderful way to stay connected beyond anything. Hugs to you, Ivy, and a wonderful week!


  11. Yup, your art collection is beautiful indeed in so many ways. Poodle Wolf is awesome – both the art and the live version! And that Doug…well, he is wonderful and your love for him is as well. And you, my friend, are one of the most beautiful people I know.


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