Six of One ; Half a Dozen of the Other

I wasn’t gonna do a second TToT cuz I’ve been kinda pushing it lately . I haven’t really been feeling it, y’know? Today was a difficult anniversary and it isn’t something I usually linger too much on… I’m not an anniversary kinda gal unless it’s the good kind. Then I got to thinking about Father’s Day . My father has been gone some time. It hasn’t bothered me in the too recent past, but for some reason, I thought it might have been nice to find him something special for Father’s Day if he were still around. Yesterday I was at my therapist office and discussed feeling a bit burnt lately. It seems there’s a ton of that going around. Many of my friends whom I work with are in the same boat. I think people are getting more depressed in general, and the world a bit more unpredictable or maybe even more predictable, but in a bad way. No matter how defended you are, or how many coping skills you have to deal with it, that can take a toll on anyone.

But then I read the comments on today’s blog post. I was reminded about the art work my partner was so wonderful at creating, and the atmosphere that surrounded him.  He was a die hard minimalist so I have few tangible memories of him. Today was a difficult day but I tortured and gifted myself with reading some old letters that were sent shortly before we think he was killed. I hadn’t read them in years. It wasn’t a bad choice.

201311212143401075I also told a few pertinent yet funny stories about my father today. About how his clothing never matched or how he continually wore the same clothes despite the fact that when he died I was cleaning out whole (matching) outfits from his closet and dresser with tags still on them. About how every time one of us went to a state fair or some carnival we would buy him a maple man because we knew he loved them, only to find the top drawer of his dresser full of petrified maple men after he died. My mother later told me he hated them, but knew we all got a kick out of finding one for him whenever we could.

I spoke to two friends of mine who are currently out on medical leave. They both feel physically bad enough that they can’t work. I can work. I can do my job and I do have coping skills to make it through the brief periods of emotional fatigue. I was also notified of a national honor of recognition today from a client nomination. Something I would have never expected. I don’t need recognition, but what a gift at a time when you question whether anything you’re doing is making a difference.

So yeah, it’s been a real mixed bag, but it’s my bag and although it started out very heavy it seems to have lightened up some. I’m grateful for that.

I’m also grateful for Doug 20130723_193959 the wonder poodle.

Leela and Drexel  I was sooo grateful for this photo on Kristi’s blog… I do so want a sphinx cat but it’s too cold here! I am also grateful for Kristi who in her unwavering patience has been ultra-supportive of my endeavors to create a more spiritual life (something that has waned since the death of my partner). She has sent literature, offered guidance, books and now this wonderful-bald-one-eyed-kitty-cat photo with our best boy Drexel!

I am thankful for reconciliation.

100_1660 (2)As much as I joke about my mother, I am grateful at the age of 86 she is still able to live independently. I am grateful to be able to help her out with dinners, and grocery shopping, and that despite her disinterest if not downright dislike of most animals, she still greets Doug with open arms and “How’s Meme’s boy?!” She has never been an animal fan and I don’t know what it is that has enamored her with Douglas,  but I will take it. When my last pet of twenty years died she said, “Well, it’s about time.” I think when Doug goes she may be more upset.

Six Sentence Storiesunnamed (11) is settling in some. There weren’t as many entries this week, but people at least recognize it’s out there! As always the cue is on Sunday and the link goes live on Thursday.

I’m thankful for friends who help, and feel free enough to let me help as well. It’s nice to don my other business hat once in a while as a PT. It’s also nice to just go where you’re needed to cook dinner for friends. Or to vacuum, or pick up a prescription. It’s nice to be needed.

Oh, and did I mention Douglas? I like me some Doug.7

For some silly reason this is stuck in my head…

My most recent remembrance of it is from the credits of the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Lastly I found this today and I thought it was adorable.unnamed


26 thoughts on “Six of One ; Half a Dozen of the Other

  1. The only thing missing from that cat is an eye patch. What I wouldn’t give to see him that way!

    Love the story of the maple men!

    My last ten days or so have been less than stellar. I’ve cried quite a bit, and I’m not usually a cryer. I don’t like it one bit. Am I too old to run away from home? I swear, it would only be temporary.


      1. Bucking up, but I’d rather run away for about a week. Wouldn’t that be fun to do together?! Too bad we’re both poor with crappy cars 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am not a fan of hairless anything, but if it makes you happy you go for it. Growing up we had a St. Bernard – his problem was the opposite – our summers are just too darn hot to keep them comfy, especially in those days when not everyone had central air, or even window A/C.

    Your talk of your father not wearing his nice clothes and finding them after he passed reminded my of my gramma. Then your talk of your mom and Doug reminded me of her even more. She’s not a dog person, but she sure loves my Louie once she’s sitting down and can’t be knocked over by his aggressive ‘pet me’ lean.

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  3. I enjoyed this post thoroughly. Every bit of it. The cartoon? Fabulous. I’m glad the letter reading was not a bad decision. Wonderful stories of your father-glad you shared those.

    Just a thought: we animal non-lovers can and do love pets that are meaningful to those we love. Somehow some of their affection can rub off. Or our affection for the people-onto the animals. The only animals I’ve ever loved were pets of others. I’m sure I could be affectionate with Doug if I were to meet him.


    1. Whew! Im glad to hear that . Doug should be arriving at your place some time in the a.m.! I think your TOTALLY right but somehow I just don’t think you are as cantankerous as my mother.


  4. “Tortured and gifted”–I’m so glad it was a good choice.
    Your comment about your dad and the maple men made me laugh. It was only a couple of years ago that I realized my dad hates beets. All these years, I thought he loved them, because he always ate them with such enthusiasm.
    Leela lives in Utah–as an indoor cat–so it is possible to keep sphynx cats in cold climates. Just saying don’t abandon your dream. 🙂 Also, if you are on twitter, I should have you follow my daughter–she’s always posting Leela pics!
    Congratulations on your recognition!
    Your comments are so sweet; I’m practically blushing over here.
    My mom is planning on joining in on 6 Sentence Stories!
    Doug. What can I say? What a good dog!


  5. Congratulations on the recognition!
    The maple man story made me giggle to where I lost some of the coffee I was drinking. It is “so him”…as were the outfits.
    Tell Doug the family says hello! I still myself cannot believe meme likes an animal, I have vivid memories of her locking our old dogs in the basement of mom and dads house she would visit! (She would most probably deny it now!!!)
    Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!


  6. Your post started out so mushy and serious, and then you ended with that sweet kid picture and the Ocean Man song. The maple man story speaks volumes of how Dads put their likes/dislikes/needs aside for their families. I guess any mom or dad that makes it to 86 gets a pass on whatever filters they have lost or wacky ways they have. How could anyone not love Doug?


  7. I am so happy you went ahead and posted twice this weekend. I’m glad you found some comfort in reading the letters, even while it was so difficult.
    Oh that cat…makes me laugh every time I see it’s photo.
    Your mom sounds a lot like my grandma. When a grandchild asked her what her favorite animal was, she said, “a dead mouse” then leaned over to whisper in my ear, “I was going to say a dead cat, but figured that would scare her.”
    The stories about your dad made me laugh. Such a thoughtful guy. 🙂


  8. I loved reading your blog. When people get older, what once was isn’t what it is now, their present moment in time. Behaviors often change quite dramatically, as I have discovered with my 98-year-old Mother.

    Your dog is so cute, much to be adored.

    The collection of maple men made me smile. I’d forgotten all about maple men. What a sweet Dad.


    1. Thanks Pat! I am amazed at how much time has changed behaviors not just people… Doug has dementia now that he’s 15 and his behavior is a surprise on a daily basis! Its actually a joy as well… but Im still surprised!


  9. i love how you love Doug. What a wonderful companionship. Trying to decide if I love the Rottens that much…hmmm…yeah, no. 😀
    I’m glad the letter reading was OK. Love the maple man and the kid pic with Jesus laughing. I’d like to think he’s that kind of guy.


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