TToT two fer two weekend

1. Six Sentence Storiesdownload (2) is consistent and that’s the best I can hope for… there is a new cue up…here.

2. I know you didn’t miss them …but I did, and as soon as we all realize this is about me we will all be happier. There is a new contest page up on the header up there! You have a little more than three weeks if you’re interested.

3. I tend to be a big fan of cognitive behavioral therapy and last week in the NY Times there was an article touting the benefits of my favorite practice. I don’t practice to the exclusion of all else, but I do think it can be rather effective. Anyhow… they had this cool site on there that I went to and tried it out and found it was…well… pretty cool. It’s helpful for anxiety and depression and studies have proved that statement.

4. I’m grateful to have solid relationships that if someone metaphorically stomps on the others toes, we can be honest about it and the relationship can survive it. Everyone makes mistakes. I’m glad I’m cool with that and my friends are too.

5. unnamed (9) I got a very cool package in the mail today… complete with Doug toy … You can blame Val for the contest… she sent that cool pen and journal for writing limericks and well, one maniacal thought led to another…. THANKS!( I love the bracelet! )

6. I’m starting to connect with how much having a spiritual life keeps me calm. I kind of fell into a cesspool of grief this week and lost site of that piece of my life… Calm is not what has ensued. I feel pretty disregulated. Hopefully this too shall pass, and I will find my horse and climb back on.

7. I don’t know if you recall I was putting up a vision board to help me maintain some focus? It seems the car thing is working in that I changed the oil and topped off fluids in an effort to keep my old gal running a bit longer. I used to do that sort of thing a lot but, haven’t done that myself in a while. I wanted to save a few bucks so I did it and it was fun.  unnamed (17)


8. I’m also investigating some time away toward the end of the year. I am going to have to work a bit more I think, but it should be temporary. To be continued…

9. unnamed (16) Douglas

10. Friends are heading out today to Sweden, Norway and Iceland. I’m going to miss them because we hang out every week. I pray they have a safe trip. I read this week that Iceland is supposed to be the most peaceful place on earth… let’s hope that’s the truth.

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22 thoughts on “TToT two fer two weekend

  1. I read that about Iceland too…on Buzzfeed? The effects of legalizing same sex marriage?
    Here’s to you finding your horse!
    I’m gonna check out that site. Especially since I don’t see a therapist these days because I’m both lazy and busy.


    1. I think I actually read it on yahoo news… lightweight stuff… kinda want lightwt. right now… still looking for the damned horse… I think he ran off somewhere.


  2. I usually change my own oil on my car too – it’s something that gives me a real sense of achievement. Sometimes it’s the little things and the doing of them that keep me on an even keel. I hope you find your horse – or it finds you – to get through the tough times you’re experiencing.


  3. Where do you think you’ll go away? I hope you have a beautiful time. I recommend ENGLAND (of course 😉 ) but seriously, I hope you have somewhere gorgeous in mind. And YAY for cool depression-busting resources and sorry to hear you’ve been low 😦 *hugs*

    But HOORAY the contest is back. And SSS 😀


    1. I dunno. something just came up yesterday that may require more attention than going away. we will just have to wait and see. I look forward to seeing you at the contest.


  4. I went to the cognitive behavior therapy link and set up an account and got distracted and never got back to finishing this! I am going to look the CBT thing over and probably recommend it to my son to look into.
    Time off at the end of the year? Missouri is beautiful in December (not really, but you could still come).


  5. You probably could guess I’m a fan of CBT. Definite benefits.
    I’m intrigued by your mentions of increased spirituality in these last couple of posts. A very interesting topic to me in general and one I love to discuss.
    I missed SSS this week (again?) and I’m going to check out the contest. So many things to read and do…so little time.


  6. I have people on my Facebook newsfeed who are heading to Iceland right now. I will be seeing a lot of posts about what a magical place it is, I’m betting, over the coming days.
    I try not to get too jealous, but it is hard. I have wanted to go there for years, since I became a fan of musician Bjork. She is from there.


  7. Iceland fascinates me. Wish I were going with them! Speaking of going….I am heading to the Mood Gym site ASAP. Thanks for the tip. Peace to you this week. Anxiety/Depression stink!


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