Candy’s Entry

A six sentence story: the cue is fall.

Tree-In-Moonlight source

Ever since she had turned sixteen the music had called to her and she had answered, going to the glade to dance and chant to the moon.
“Rain falls, wind blows, fire burns and plants grow.”
But tonight there was no music for her, the young man with the intense dark eyes had changed that. She went anyway, angry and defiant. Why should her fall rob her of the music, it wasn’t fair.
When she arrived, another was in her place, with arms raised, dancing to the moon; she no longer belonged.


17 thoughts on “Candy’s Entry

  1. Wow, Candy…this is such a sad little story. Its pretty amazing how much you can get into six sentences and contrary to popular belief… no run-ons… ahem! ahhahaha! Thanks for sending it in! Hey last week some people thought you needed a blog! see! Im happy to post for you though! Its nice to get writing kudos though eh?


  2. Excellent–and how kind of you, Ivy, to post for her…though I still think she might get as addicted as I am to the blog thing. ‘Course, maybe that’s why she’s opted not to have one!


  3. Omigosh it is driving me nuts that I can’t put a name to those song lyrics! Great story, I’m off to google 😉


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