A Six Sentence Story: The cue is Fall. unnamed (11)

unnamed (13)  ***I fall a lot, but honest, I wasn’t thinking of a repost when I chose this cue!  

unnamed (15) unnamed (17) unnamed (19)

unnamed (16)



    1. Youve been so diligent about asking about the link and I went and messed it up… sorry…its all set now! oy!!! THanks for reading …Doug is pretty casual when he finds me on the ground …. I actually took those shots after falling for real.


      1. I’m so sorry about the real falls–must be disconcerting to say the least, but a comfort to have a “companion” who might alert someone if you’re seriously injured. I’ve just completed my draft of 6-sentences…we’ll see how it goes!


      2. Believe me … DOUG is no Lassie! Its not “OOOOO go get help! Timmy’s in the well!” its more doug saying “come get me when you get up, okay? Im hungry.” hahahahaha!


    1. Really?! I totally forgot about it and was trying to find a photo for something else and came across the first one in the series! I love him too! He is having a tough day today… hopefully it improves… tough to be 135 and counting I guess!


  1. I may have told you this before, but I fell one time when I was living alone and only had an elderly cat (even more useless than an elderly dog). I was writhing on the floor with what turned out to be a broken pinkie toe while he stood over me with a WHO’S GOING TO FEEEEED MEEEEEEE? look on his face.


  2. Falling sucks. It’s how I’ve broken my hand and my ankle. Turns out, I’m klutzy. Now get up and feed that adorable Mr. Nonchalant already, Weeniebutt! (hope you’re ok. you’re okay right?)


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