Not a fan of the 4th of July, but on the plus side??? My doggie is deaf, even if I am not.

Mr. Bald E. Butt
Mr. Bald E. Butt

 Things are growing.unnamed (9) unnamed (10)unnamed (12)

My brother stopped by on his way home from visiting my mother. We live a few states apart. We don’t get to see each other much. Maybe once or twice a year. unnamed (8)

Six Sentence Stories has attracted a few of 20150506_103306_resized-1024x576 the most unlikely of storytellers

The fox made an appearance this week. He did get one girl, but I’m glad it was only one and Ms. Daisy Dyllon had full wings enough to fly up into a tree. unnamed (1) 

My buddy Richard is visiting Sweden, Norway and Iceland, but I did manage to update 11412299_10203622758441159_3981731053450162290_n his blog this week… go take a peek! I made a journal for his wife some time ago, as she likes to chronicle their trips. She is one of the few people I know who have actually used one of the books I’ve made… For some reason people don’t like to use them… unnamed (8) I love that she uses it!

unnamed Have I ever told you about Doug, and how much I appreciate him? He’s been going through a bout of insomnia lately . He’s been doing that every so often since the dementia has progressed. He will settle down again soon I suspect, but in the mean time we have some late nights and a lot of belly rubs … well , he gets a lot of belly rubs… I get a tired arm and a pretty grumpy morning constitution. BUT, I am still grateful for him as he is still healthy and seems to be happy despite being a bit out of his gourd.


*I just have to figure out the prize! 😛

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31 thoughts on “TToT

  1. What? You mean Doug didn’t catch the Fox or at least chase the varmint away?
    Get on your toes Doug! Could be a one way ticket to somewhere unpleasant if you don’t!!

    But what do I know? I’m just a Bear. Though I don’t have any problems with Foxes. At all.

    Blessings and Bear hugs to the both of you.


      1. What a chicken-livered guard dog! You need to get a new one right away!
        But keep Doug on hand as backup — sometimes you need two. Girl can’t be too cautious these days, especially with Bears and Foxes in the woods!

        Hope you don’t get blown away tonight. Have you ever put ear plugs in Doug’s ears? Might help in the situation tonight.


    1. I don’t think we have to worry about Doug. He’s getting pretty deaf, I think.
      But Ivy, she’s pretty alert. Hope you’re OK, Ms. Ivy!


  2. My friend made a book for me and you’re right, it is so special, I don’t want to write in it. I’ll share a picture of it with you sometime. It is beautiful. I’ll catch up on reading the rest of the Six Sentence stories.


  3. I’m sorry a fox got one of your girls, but they are such a pretty animal. I’ve seen them on occasion if I’m about at the right time. Louie does not care for fireworks, Jackson just assumes someone is trying to break into our house when he hears them.


  4. While I do love a good (official) fireworks display, I hate the local backyard versions. I hate that they are now legal here. So dangerous. So annoying. Just put me in the crabby old geezer club on that issue, I guess!
    I believe we’re going to take Zilla to her first in-person ones tonight. We can see several displays from our back deck, but as the years pass and the treeline gets higher, it becomes more difficult to see them. There are two huge ones just a couple of miles apart (dumb and redundant, but makes for a whopper of a celebration, I guess) near here and I think we’ll give that a go. We’re taking ear plugs, though, because she’s super-sensitive to loud noises and so is the Hub – has a hole in one eardrum, actually. So we’ll see how this goes.


    1. Enroll me in that club! its raining here today… a lot! …so I suspect things will be cancelled. Last year I went to some around where I used to live and they were shooting them so close ( or something) because several people got burned by ash and the like. It was very weird.
      OMG! I hear my mother I just don’t see her! When did this happen?


  5. Soon you will be having the best fresh, off the vine fruit of the summer….tomatoes! Right? they’re a fruit? I think….Anyway, have a tomato sandwich for me and don’t be stingy with the mayo!
    Hurray for family visits!
    Not hurray for the girls club. One of their own eaten. Damn, the conversation must be buzzing in the coop and no doubt not fit for human ears. Ms. Daisy Dyllon, she got some good karma 😀
    Not writing in your books? It’s like Val said, and I’m the same way, it’s like writing in it is going to “devalue” it’s beauty.
    God bless the Dougster.


  6. good to hear that the Dyanne Poultrina has weathered another attack. Your Six Sentence Contests are excellent challenges (for me) to try and fit a certain structure and still write, though I glimpsed at the promo for the next contest.. the poetry one… nuh uh not me! ( well, ‘there once was a Doctrine from Wakefield…. nah, I’ll read and learn, maybe someday!)


    1. there once was a poet named Clark
      who couldnt rhyme words like aardvark
      But some knew why not
      ” he possesses a scott”
      and so he just gave up…. yeah I know…

      Im so honored that you would do the SSS even if rhyming is not your bag!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. You amaze me with your ability to find some silver linings in the clouds every week! Even Doug’s deafness is a blessing for him this noisy weekend. Poor pups and felines really hate fireworks. You have wonderful things growing, including 6SS, and I’m so glad that Daisy Dillon took to the trees and escaped harm. Glad you got to see your brother, family is important… and of course Doug is the best family of all! ❤


  8. The fireworks for Canada Day were a wonderful display, at the park, just across the street. I had my family over to watch from my front yard.
    My pup couldn’t care less about the sound. He just stayed so still. I don’t know how my cat liked hearing them for the first time.
    I did feel bad because there was a dog in a house across the street who kept howling the entire time. Poor thing.
    Happy 4th of July.


  9. I hate fireworks. I’m not even that fond of the big displays, but the home ones? HAAAAATE them. So does Ruby. And Fletcher. Pete could care less. Ruby was under my bed last night from the first bang until they had mostly died down at 11 pm. Husband and I went to Sonic for half price shakes, then sat in a parking lot and watched a big display after a baseball game. I couldn’t see that well, but at least it wasn’t so loud. Then it was like Sherman’s army coming into Atlanta when we got home, and couldn’t get into the house fast enough. I can only imagine what people with PTSD from being in a war zone feel like!


    1. I could be wrong but Doug seems to be okay with it as he gets to sleep it off and has a sucker to get up with him when he paws her in the face at 2am! ahhaahhaahaa! thats the time I usually tell him he needs to get a job.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Glad the fox didn’t get more of your girls. I love foxes though. I think they are beautiful. Maybe you should get a humane trap and relocate him or her. I am glad your dog was not scared of the fireworks. Ours barked all night while our neighbors shot rockets on our street. Dumb rednecks. I am glad they didn’t blow up my car. We had rocket remains all over our yard. I liked watching them though.


  11. Oh no! Another fox getting the girls?!? Sorry to hear that.

    There seemed to be a huge increase in the number of people setting off big fireworks this year. The booms went on forever! I’m glad Doug couldn’t hear them.

    Hope you both get some sleep soon.


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