A Repost From “Rewritten”

This recipe is good for one small dog 14-21 lbs.


18 cups of fuzzy (be sure it is curly and aerated or he will not stay light and fluffy)

Depending upon aging have at least 2 personality traits on hand (we used goofball and dementia)

2 tsp cold water

2 tbs warm chocolate coloring

3 cups anxiety (optional)

4 springs

1 perpetual motor


Add 18 cups of fuzzy and mix with equal parts demented goofball.

Mix in cold water, with the appropriate mix of personality traits it will find its way to the nose. When mixed thoroughly you will be woken from a dead sleep by a cold nose driven into small of your back.

Add enough warm chocolate coloring to eyes (may take the full 2 tbs) to melt the coldest human heart.

Dependent upon previously chosen personality traits and age you may need to add liberal amounts of anxiety. We chose dementia which couples wonderfully with anxiety.

Springs and motor should be added simultaneously. They can be fully tested by leaving the kitchen and returning several seconds later.



8 thoughts on “A Repost From “Rewritten”

  1. The rest of the recipe may be different, but the springs and the perpetual motor are included in the base model of the kitten.


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