A Philosophical Rant

250px-Phi.svgIn addition to “regrouping” and trying to get my life unstuck, I’m having an existential crisis. I often find myself at these times thinking, “Of course that’s the truth of the situation! Why are you questioning this? A monkey could have figured this one out!” That said, feel free to come along for a very obvious little ride.

If it’s true that “you can’t take it with you,” then what’s the point? Is any thing really important? What shapes our destiny? What makes life worth living? I spend day after day trying to convince people with social anxiety that other people are not paying so much attention to them that they need to fear their judgement. I truly believe that even when involved in an impassioned argument, the other person is often not listening to my obvious stroke of genius, but rather thinking of the next thing he is going to say. So if all that is true, what is it that makes our lives matter?

If the only things I can take with me are what I came in with, then the only thing that matters is making my life a venture for good, because none of those other things are worth anything in the long run. I suppose making life an insufferable piece of trash is also an option, after all, Hitler has a lasting legacy. This isn’t about leaving just any mark. It’s about leaving a mark that improves life for the living. He improved nothing despite his own warped idea of what he thought he was doing. Evil leaves damage in its wake; a wound. I don’t think mine or anyone else’s purpose it to burn a scar into Existence.

We often like to think the tangible things are important, but that’s an illusion. Sure, for a time a few people may remember I drank tea, not coffee, or I owned the world’s longest running Chevy but, that won’t last-because those things don’t matter. What matters is did I cause suffering or did I make life better? The only way to make a positive difference is through an endeavor to make living better for others and myself . At times it may feel like a risk, but doing what’s right is the purpose for existence.

Nothing lasts forever except this one thing. What we choose to do matters.

*** The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the entire human race.


11 thoughts on “A Philosophical Rant

  1. What we choose to do does matter. I agree. I believe we are on earth to gain a physical body, and to gain experience. Demonstrating our love of God and our neighbors (meaning everyone) is the best use of our time.


  2. It’s love. Love matters and the ways we use our time to improve existence for those around us – it’s compassion and everyone gettig gradually better, not worse. It’s poetry and sharing beautiful moments with others which touch their hearts and remind them why it’s so very wonderful to be human


  3. I agree with Lizzi. Love is what matters. Giving it in ways that uplift the receiver, and consequently, self. What I know of you, is that you are a giving, caring person. A wise woman once passed along a great quote to me. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Choice, right there.


  4. I once went to a funeral where the person giving the eulogy said “what are we doing with the dash?” The dates we are born and the dates we die aren’t nearly as important as what we do with that dash in between. Everything we have is a gift. Our talents. Our treasures. We aren’t to hoard them, but are to use them for the good of others. We need to share them. So others can see Jesus through us.
    Basically, I’m with ya. 🙂


  5. ‘Course I’ve been thinking along the same lines these days with Reuben suddenly gone. He did real good in this world. I figure that’s my takeaway from him.
    But do you think people truly can’t listen without generating a response in their heads? Sometimes (ok, rarely) I try to be a listener who does not do this. I guess a feel a little hopeless reading your view.


    1. I dont mean for anyone to feel hopeless. As you probably know I dont deal with all or none situations. I dont think any are black and white… so I ammended that statement because I truly do think we are all somewhat self involved enough for that to happen FREQUENTLY. Not that its malicious on our part , just that it is so because we become so invested in our own ideas and points of view.


  6. I’m always hoping that what I do is “right.” The problem is that what’s right at one time, might look like wrong in perspective. Doing my best and then accepting the results is all I can strive for.


  7. I hope when I leave this world that I made it a better place, for at least a little while.
    If you had any idea how many times I have told my children that they need to quit worrying so much about what other people think of them, because THOSE people are only thinking about themselves!


  8. I think we are here to experience life and to learn from it….there are so many lessons as we live the journey of life! We fail in some areas, do great in others, and hopefully continue to improve in all areas.


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