Get a Cue!

This week’s cue for Six Sentence Stories is:


unnamed (11)

Do you remember how to play?

  • Be sure to come back on Thursday and post your story.
  • Six sentences…no more…no less.
  • Somehow include the cue….vaguely….directly…we’re easy!
  • any genre…we really are easy!
  • Mix and enjoy!




10 thoughts on “Get a Cue!

  1. Ah. So, pick up the cue. Figure out how to use that in a six-sentence story. Then letter rip? That should be easy enough. Even for a Bear.

    Hmmmm. I think that is six sentences. Ivy, can you list that bit with the rest, please?

    But perhaps I haven’t understood, Human language can be very difficult for us Bears and other critters. And it is especially difficult to communicate electronically when we have no opposable thumbs for your keyboards. I must ask Douglas for some tips on how to type when you are thumbless. Either that, or become a thumbody!


  2. This is a dynamite “cue”–an easy one for me, thanks! By the by, I’m “Dell” from Dim Scribbles–but I’m at my “summer place” (new blog)–just so you won’t be unduly confused!


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