Quick! I gotta get going!

I used to wake up at 5:30 every day to go out for the A.M. Doug walk and open up the girls coop unnamed (8) but lately Doug has taken to waking very early and multiple times a night. SO we were up for the day at 4:00 today. I don’t really mind most days. I didn’t mind today … I am not looking forward to today … I’m not a social event kind of gal and I have to go help my sister set up a baby shower ( that part I don’t mind at all) for my niece. I really like all the women in my family so it should be fine… just not an event girl… I will hide behind a camera ( in typical clark fashion) and try to get out early seeing as I am there three hours early for set up. All that said, I am whipping off a quick TToT in hopes it recenters me a bit and I can shake off the anxiety.

Thankfuls in that first paragraph:

  • I don’t mind getting up early with Dr. Demento and Dr. Demento is still around and doing quite well I might add.
  • I get to hang with some of my favorite people today.
  • My sister asked for my help and I can give it to her.
  • Somebody has to take photos, it might as well be me!
  • the recentering of a quick TToT

The rest:

  • I will have some time this afternoon to finish paperwork before work tomorrow… I don’t want to start the week behind the 8 ball.
  • Have I mentioned Doug? See yesterday’s post… but he is recovering still. He is quite a bit more confused and I think the stroke effected his hearing and sight a bit more than his other physical abilities. BUT he is happy and content I think . He is carrying on much as always and seems to be enjoying ripping up the newspaper and eating etc. He really is not wanting to walk much, but that’s okay as he didn’t before the stroke.
  • My niece is having her first baby at 39. SO far so good.
  • My mother is recovering as well. She is not in nearly as much pain and is looking forward to going to the shower today.
  • Have I mentioned Doug?unnamed (43)

OH the cue is up for Six Sentence Stories!

AND REMEMBER THE CONTEST ENDS ON THE 20th!                                          ***Currently, there are only seven entries so you have a good chance!


13 thoughts on “Quick! I gotta get going!

  1. I’m so happy for you that Doug is doing well. I get where you’re coming from on the Shower! I love my family but I’m not one for much socializing. An every other week get together with my girlfriends, a dinner with my parents every other week or so, I’m good with that!


    1. yeah, doug is doing ok mostly…the cognitive change is significant… we will see what happens… gonna try and challeng him a bit cognitively. I was thinking maybe take an obedience class…. he is good there but the stim may be good for him…


  2. good to hear about Doug managing better.
    (will have to follow up to see how the bonding with your sister’s dog went… that advice about sticking your tongue out at a dog as a friendly gesture? I was totally sincere, I do that all the time, myself. No word of a lie, I could be, like meeting clients in their home, for the first time and if they have a dog… guess who the focus of my attention is… and I will, in fact, in the home of total stranger, stick my tongue at the dog.*)

    *not so this seems weird, but, when I say ‘stick my tongue out at the dog’ I mean to imitate the panting gesture dogs will adopt when relaxed and comfortable…. it works!


  3. Poor Doug! At least he’s happy. Can you teach him sign language? You be careful carrying him outside and such. You have enough trouble staying on your feet when you aren’t carrying a small sheep.


    1. he is not requiring a lot of carrying any longer. Which is good. THe most frequent times are if he just doesnt understand that standing in front of the open car door will not transport him into the seat.

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  4. I hope the shower went well, and that you had a good time despite it being a social occasion. 🙂
    Glad that your mom and Doug are doing better.


  5. Love to Doug. Baby showers and get-togethers with the family are sometimes safer spent behind the lens. (lol) I had my kids in my thirties, I’m sure your niece will be fine. Here’s to healing and family.


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