A Six Sentence Story: TRUNK


The pachyderms’s long probiscis

was good for smelling hibiscus.

Though he liked something sweeter,

his nose measured a meter.

That long distance gave him strabismus.


So he set off to smell something biting,

because he thought it might be more exciting.

He was led  far amiss

into sensory abyss.

He learned onions could be uninviting.


28 thoughts on “A Six Sentence Story: TRUNK

    1. OMG! YOU are too kind! I was just at the link board… and you look like twins! So great that you had two! This just reeked! And I dont mean of onions! I was so desperate! You would think I would choose a cue I could use! hahahaha! NOPE not me!


  1. Oh, this reminds me of one of my favorite childhood poems: “Once there was an elephant, who tried to use the telephant. . . “


      1. eletelephony
        Once there was an elephant,
        Who tried to use the telephant-
        No! No! I mean an elephone
        Who tried to use the telephone-
        (Dear me! I am not certain quite
        That even now I’ve got it right.)

        Howe’er it was, he got his trunk
        Entangled in the telephunk;
        The more he tried to get it free,
        The louder buzzed the telephee-
        (I fear I’d better drop the song
        Of elephop and telphong!)

        Laura E. Richards


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