Six Sentence Stories: Candy

768x448xfishing-28.jpg.pagespeed.ic.da6HsAM_JcHe unloaded his fishing gear from the trunk and took down the kayak from the roof rack. He baited his hook with a small mackerel, cast out his line and began to paddle. Suddenly his line takes off and he notices that the line is no longer in the water. A seagull has scooped up the mackerel that was his bait and was trying to fly off with it. He tugs on the line to get his hook and bait back, but the seagull has the mackerel and drops it into someone’s fancy yacht. At least that’s the story he told me as to why his fishing trip was over so soon.

unnamed (11)


7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories: Candy

    1. The only part that I had to leave out, was the part about the poor yacht owner coming back to his fancy boat with a smelly dead fish in it and wondering how it got there.


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