The Great “Unsticking” of 2015, and the TToT

If you recall, last week I was stuck. I still am, but am working on the “unstuck project.” Step one as you recall, was a work related goal. To cut down on my current load and move back to some level of private practice. It is in full-forward motion. I have secured a furnished office space, a billing professional, and all the information needed for credentialing with various insurance agencies .


As I mentioned in my last post about being stuck, a lot of people have asked what other pieces the project entails. I am uncomfortable with revealing and talking about certain pieces, however the  second stage of the “unsticking” that I am comfortable discussing is a need to get things together in my house, and a need to take some time off that is not entrenched in medical issues.

  • With the exception of a somewhat disastrous week, I haven’t taken time off that is not medically related in almost ten years. I tried this year for the first time in a long time and it didn’t go so smoothly. I need time off.  So I have managed to secure some time off next week (eight days) to get myself unstuck on the home front. I plan to take a modest vacation at some point, but haven’t made plans as yet other than to say it is part of the project and I am saving for it.
  • SO the home front issues… I am working tomorrow, then I am off for the week. I haven’t told anyone but you, so that no one tries to take up my time.  What am I going to do? Well, I have very limited storage in my home. I have literally one closet. It is a walk in and it stores everything in my house. I can’t currently walk into it. I usually keep it quite orderly, but the past two years have been kind of tough and I let it go. Part of why I let it go is part of why I am stuck. For those who don’t know me, my partner went missing five years ago and two years ago, we received news that he was presumed dead, but we don’t know. That closet is a tough place to clean out.  I cleaned out his studio last year and now it’s time for home. I need some closure, but this is one of those things I need to accept (ie  that I most likely won’t get closure), and one part of the project I am not comfortable discussing. Nuff said.
  • I also just really feel the need to purge a lot of stuff… It’s not all his stuff… it’s just stuff I don’t need that is clogging up my life. I have to be careful with this, as I have a habit of just giving stuff away. My last tag sale was a sign that said “If you want it, please take it, it’s yours.” I did that because I don’t really care about the money, I care about the purge. I don’t want to drag all my crap out on to the lawn and dicker over a few dimes … then drag the same crap I was trying to get rid of back into the house when no one buys it… make it free, and it all disappears… try it … it works and you meet some fun people. I don’t have any regrets from that tag sale. I just know I have to be careful not to purge too deeply. Doug still needs his toys!
  • Another issue is art. I have a lot of art, it’s one of my favorite things to receive from people. I love anything handmade and personal. All art feels personal in some way. I have some really great pieces. I know a lot of really good artists. I can’t possibly put it all out, but it is so personal it’s not something I could get rid of. So what do I do? Any suggestions?

THAT is where the current “unstuck project” sits. Motivation is tough … send me good vibes…please? Thanks.


While he is as dumbfounded as a box of rocks, Doug appears physically well and happy. The stroke he suffered last week has left him more confused, but with very little increase in his other physical issues. So, he and I are both happy. In a few months he will be 16 years old, and at that ripe old age, he symbolizes the end of an era in this household. I want him to be happy and healthy. He is very much a part of this unstuck thing. Doug is the last vestige of my old life that is really left. I miss my old life quite a bit, and I know I will miss Doug as much when the time comes. This past week was a bit too close for comfort. His age is on the list of things I don’t have to like but must accept.

This was last week after he recovered enough to jump up on a sofa
This was last week after he recovered enough to jump up on a sofa

I am mega-grateful for Doug’s recovery.

I am mega-grateful that if he must be confused from old age and dementia, that he is still happy… oblivious perhaps … but happy.

Gratitude this week that my Mom, who was having a tough week last week is also recovering and doing much better.

Gratitude that I got another piece of art from my nieces husband ( an amazing artist).

Gratitude that Six Sentence Stories has taken off because if it weren’t for that and TToT I would most likely not be blogging at all lately. Thanks to Josie for letting me host it! She is one of the best… truly.

Gratitude that tomorrow is my last day of work for a week.

Gratitude for a fab. therapist who manages to center me in some reality. He also judges my blog contests.


It’s tough to make poems a science
Though I study, I don’t show compliance
My soul is a rebel
(I won’t even rhyme)
And I drench every verse with defiance.


I am also grateful that people humor me with these silly contests.

You all should be grateful for my therapist as well ,as he thinks this past contest was too tough. So the next one should be a breeze.

Thanks to everyone who plays, and to everyone who plays the SSS game as well!

Lastly I’m grateful for blog friends… most recently I have so much to thank Kristi1  and Kristi2 for… I really appreciate you both and owe ya both a note at the very least, but I just haven’t gotten my act together enough yet… but know I appreciate you both and all the help and support you’ve given me… thank you! Thanks! Thanks so much…

Ten Things of Thankful
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36 thoughts on “The Great “Unsticking” of 2015, and the TToT

  1. That artwork would be a tough one for me. I’d probably end up trying to have every bit of it out on display. I can attest to how much lighter a good purge can make you feel, even if I still have a bit left to go on mine.

    I’m so glad Doug is doing okay. I know how much my Louie means to me, and even that rascal Jackson is pretty special.


    1. I’m talking needing a much larger house and office! You help keep me motivated week to week…you have undergone such a personal transformation between work and home purges….thanks ….I’m so glad to read your blog again! Doug says thanks for the well wishes.


  2. We are going through so much of the same. Trying to de-clutter, and not lose the memories. I refuse to also have a garage sale. It will go to the church thrift shop. If they can sell it and get some money for it, then the money will go to a good cause. I had to get rid of my parents stuff, even though they are not gone, as you sound like you still are not sure what happened to your partner. We both are yearning for easier times. I hope your pooch and your mom continue to do better. And I hope we both become unstuck.


  3. This won’t solve the storage problem, but maybe you could rotate the artwork? “Spring collection,” “Summer collection,” etc.?
    Good luck with your organization project. Please, keep talking about decluttering, even if in vague terms, because I really need to reclaim my walk-in closet, too, and I get inspired by others who tackle those big projects–but sometimes it takes me a long time to finally do anything myself!
    Congratulations to Lizzi! The (I won’t even rhyme) line makes me laugh every time! She definitely deserved the win!
    And, your accolades make me feel like I’m in some sort of Super Kristi pact! No doubt Kristi1 is a SuperKristi, but I think I’m more along the Clark Kent line. (But I’m glad you find my friendship helpful. 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kristi. I will take before and afters. It took me two years and had to take time off to attack it!
      Your entry was impressive!
      Thanks again Clark! You have Become a big part of the unstuck project!


      1. That’s OK. I was wondering why you called me Clark, too. I had to read my own comment to figure it out! 🙂


  4. Awwwwh SO excited to have won! Thank you so much! Say thanks to your therapist, too 🙂 I like how the fun from your contests spreads further afield than just the Blogosphere.

    VERY GLAD you’re taking time off, in amongst all the otherness of life, and I hope the closet-clean isn’t too awful. Re the art – either have it out and rotate it, or if you need to pass it along, how about nursing homes?

    So, so glad you have the Kristis to look after you.


  5. Taking time for yourself and doing whatever you deem necessary with it is so important. I really hope you are able to enjoy it and be as productive 9or not) as you wish!


  6. I’m so glad that Doug is doing all right. About the closet purge, I read somewhere that the reason it is so hard to get rid of things, is because we don’t want to loose the memories associated with them. So who ever wrote the article suggested that you take a picture of the item and then put the picture in an album. You don’t need the item it self just a picture to keep the memory of who gave it to you. I suppose you could even write a little caption about the picture. I myself am not too good at purging. But I have been putting pictures in albums and organizing that way.


    1. I remember last year you saying something about not wanting any more STUFF… That is a cool idea. I am not worried about Tseerings memory so much as he was such a minimalist I never really had much that was tangible in objects per se. BUt the art would be difficult. I was gonna bring Doug up there Thursday and we never made it… next week perhaps when I need a break!


  7. I love the art idea of the seasonal collection. Or could you give it on (long term) loan to a local gallery who is interested in displaying an eclectic collection? I hope amidst the emotional experience of purging you find some time for YOU. Just a relaxing cup of something and some laughter. I admire your strength and your resilience in a life that throws you lots of difficulty. And I must say, Doug looks extra healthy and happy in the photo.


    1. Thanks Val. I like a lot of the art suggestions for loans… hmmmm…. and Doug seems to have turned a cognitive corner today… he didnt try to walk out of the wall NEAR the door or a corner today!


  8. Hey, Zoe, hugs for you. Decluttering is difficult, in all senses. I hope that through it all, you manage to find some closure. Apologies that i had to give the six sentence link up a miss! Will be around the mountain next week!


  9. “…that he is still happy… oblivious perhaps … but happy.
    I (might) suggest not the worst ways to get through a day. I would try for that, but I keep trying to figure out how to do it…. lol yeah, clarks do tend to do that.


  10. Yay, Lizzi! What a limerick!
    I asked my friend Milee (that I take the grocery story) how one gets over the death of a child (thinking of my cousin and his parents and knowing she lost a child in adulthood), and she teared up and said, “You don’t.” Then she went on about her hatred of the word closure. Obviously, that’s child and not partner so not apples to apples, but I thought of that conversation, reading your post. I am sending you extremely unsticky thoughts.
    I’ve mostly removed myself from the blogging world of late. I needed a break, and I took one, and it’s doing me good. I’m sorry I missed the info about Doug. I am so glad he recovered.


  11. I understand the getting unstuck thing. Been there. It’s work and some of it hurts but life is good when you free yourself of some stuff. Not all stuff…some. The art…could you lend some of it to a hospital or nursing home or office buildings? Like on a rotating basis a few months at a time. Then it would come back to you to enjoy and different art would be lent to others. Hope you take some time away from the closet and enjoy a part of each day your are home.


  12. I keep hearing Coldplay “Fix You” when I read about you being stuck, and I want to fix you, but I can’t. I can only send you the best of wishes. And extending the invitation once again that you can always come here if you want to get away from it all. Probably not your idea of a vacation, but it’s still not a bad place….


    1. OMG that song makes me cry… for lots of reasons, this one, fred…. more…. Thanks Dyanne… When is tornado season? all year? Wouldnt want to miss that!


      1. I love your friends singing that song. Now I have THAT version going through my head (sorry, Cold Play). Tornadoes can happen any time of year, since we get warm gulf air that clashes with cold Canadian air and BOOM. April through June are the peak months. But I have a basement….


  13. I see kind of a pervasive theme running through the gang’s posts (or lack thereof) and comments.
    I’m sorry I’ve been a bad and absent blog friend of late. I really do think of you all the time, even when I’m a dolt and don’t connect properly. I’m so glad the Kristis-squared have been there for you.
    I like the idea of rotating the artwork – that’s what I was thinking this morning when I read but couldn’t comment because my phone refuses to cooperate about that.
    Glad Doug is doing OK. As for the confusion part, well, my Mom used to say “ignorance is bliss” so maybe that works!
    I’m sending you lots of love and un-stuck-ness. Take some time to just be, too, OK? xo


    1. Getting stuck is not uncommon by any means… I just think Ive been stuck far too long on too many fronts… and boy do you apologize needlessly… hahahaha… you are an excellent bloggy friend… so stop it! 🙂 I am not sure yet on the art work but will see….. I like the ideas too!


  14. You make me think of this song. And one of Clark’s favorite rogers, lol – not!

    It’s tough finding a starting place. To get “unstuck”. But you’ve got the right idea Z. De-clutter, re-organize, straighten, make orderly. Our living space is reflective of our lives on some level. Imo, re-configureing one’s surroundings is never a bad thing. Hope you have a productive, relaxing and peaceful 8 days.
    Doug. Happy Doug. I’m so happy you both are happy 🙂
    Very good news about your Mom. I hope she continues on her path to recovery.
    Hey! Congrats on the work thing! Will you have a name for your practice?? 🙂
    Yay for Lizzi’s win!


  15. Your unsticking sounds great. I sure know that I need to purge.. big time.. I still have quite a bit of girls’ clothes to go, plus other odds and ends. We do have many refugees from Syria and other areas in our region at the moment, so we hopefully have welcome new homes for our stuff soon!

    I think Doug is in all of our hearts. I can’t stop thinking about him when I see our neighbor’s poodle; she and Calvin love each other a lot and it’s fun to watch them together..

    Have a wonderful week, Ivy!!


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