Stage 2: The Unsticking

… 3, 2, 1…

Count down has begun. I consider Sunday the last day before the pending week of Stage 2: The Unsticking, that is not my own. I have to go to a rather large family memorial service with my mother on Sunday, and I have some paperwork I have to finish for work. As a matter of fact, I hope to do at least half of it tonight as this is my last ditch effort at procrastination, and I MUST start the closet on Monday… no straying from the course. Having all of my work clear before Monday morning is imperative.

That said… let’s do this TToT thing!

  • DOUG!
  • New members of the TToT…
  • Clark has bestowed some wonky title (upon me) of one who can figure out the seven guard Virgins  of the BOSR/ SBOR
  • Because of the last item I can repost this for people who feel they may need some guidance in the SBOR/BOSR Department.   * 10 Reasons why the SBOR/BOSR May Be More Important Than You Think
  • I have mentioned my mechanic. He has saved me once again…
  • the car approaches 200,000 miles … for a Chevy that is saying something
  • The “Unsticking Project” starts Monday.
  • I am looking forward to the purge of stuff…
  • I have some great suggestions on what to do with the art that is overrunning my home.
  • If art is a problem… life is pretty good.


unnamed (43)*** Ok, I’m off to do paperwork…no really…. I mean it… really…. I am… right now… really.


11 thoughts on “Stage 2: The Unsticking

  1. really? paperwork is soooooo boring ! my car has 215,000 plus miles ! Welcome to the club ! And if Art is the problem, life is good…that is nice ! I have no idea what the SBOR/BOSR is, guess I should click on that..but I may just be too old and need to leave it alone !

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  2. excellent post
    nicely organized without creating artificial and therefore limiting performance standards! (referring to the Unsticking Project), hell everyone should engage in such an effort, at least from time to time.
    You know that ancient saying, ‘ In life, the novel becomes routine, the routine becomes habit, habit resists the novel’

    you go, lifeform!


  3. Going to a memorial service is never really fun, but at least you get to spend some time with your mom. Is she feeling better?
    I have four more weeks to get my summer purging and cleaning project done. Even if it isn’t exactly DONE, it will still be better than it was.
    Car #2 got $230 worth of work done this week. Mileage hovering just under 200,000. Car #1 still purring like a kitten after nearly $1000 spent on it earlier this summer. Still better than a new car payment, and SOMEBODY has to help keep AAA and area mechanics in business, right?


  4. I was just eyeing my pile of paperwork today. It sits on top of the big filing cabinet. Why don’t I just file it already?!


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