The Great Unsticking of 2015 Has Begun

Monday:  I ventured in . In my anxious anticipation, prematurely, foolishly perhaps,  I dove  in the night before in hopes of an early start. By the end of the night I could no longer tolerate the clutter, and abandoned hope until morning. I threw things and left them bereft and scattered on the floor.

unnamed (1) But by early morning, I had managed to clear out and bestow a sense of order, and a hefty donation upon the Goodwill Industries.unnamed (2) I took personal papers (of which there were many from both mine and my partner’s former businesses) to the shredder. A sigh of relief was heard before the replacement of saved items began. Treasures were found in the rubble that warranted emails, and contact with cousins I had just reunited with over the weekend. We hadn’t seen each other in 37 years. This is my cousin Phyllis who is now in her 70s. unnamed (4) She and her sisters were very happy to have the photo, as their copy of it had been destroyed in a flood when they were children. The art has been mostly stored or rotated at this point as I haven’t made any decisions about it. I did hang a few pieces, and rotated the art in my office as well. unnamed (5)Yeah, it was a productive day.

unnamed unnamed (45) I wasn’t the only one happy to hit the showers and bed. Day two begins in the morning.

unnamed (3)


18 thoughts on “The Great Unsticking of 2015 Has Begun

    1. Frist! Yes! Cool pic eh? Thanks … it wasn’t as tough as I expected (that closet held a lot of stuff of memories… but it wasn’t quite as satisfying as I had expected either. Today was a bit harder surprisingly… hmmm….go figure…. Weirdo clarkisms I’m guessing! LOL.

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  1. Nice work!! If it were me, I’d find myself standing in the closet, just breathing and feeling at peace, several times today. I love a good de-cluttering.


  2. I’ve been working on de-cluttering all summer. I am fighting three packrats (of course, everything of MINE is invaluable and must be saved at all cost:) ). I bet I’ve made 10 trips to Goodwill since the beginning of June. It’s like dipping out the ocean with a teaspoon, but eventually, I’ll get there. Close to there. Close enough to SEE there.


  3. Oh, you are an inspiration! My closet awaits. I think I need to just need to stop procrastinating and get in there and do something!


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