This is for you Denise! 🙂

pt0615sports3Last week I took one STEP too many and tore the ligaments supporting the longitudinal arch of my foot. The pain has been severe causing me to take the next STEP in treatment of this chronic problem (of ligament laxity ) and contemplate the more serious STEP of surgery. It would take a lot for me to take that STEP as it feels as though I would be STEPPING off a plateau on which I have been standing for some time. I would be STEPPING into a new phase that could work or may not as my body is not one to STEP up to the plate and heal as it should. SO I sit here with my foot all taped to hell and ice on my INSTEP, as I almost forgot in my self-pitying wandering on the platform awaiting the pity train, to STEP off and put out a reminder for the Six Sentence Story that will be happening during STEP three of my personal “unsticking” (see previous posts). So without further ado…

This week’s cue for Six Sentence Stories is:


(as if you couldn’t tell.)

Do you remember how to play?

  • Be sure to come back on Thursday and post your story.
  • Six sentences…no more…no less.
  • Somehow include the cue….vaguely….directly…we’re easy!
  • any genre…we really are easy!
  • Mix and enjoy!

SEE YOU THURSDAY!unnamed (11)



    1. good gravy indeed…lumpy stuff that! Ive needed surgery for about a year as the foot is broken but it didnt heal after the first break (blood issues) and I now have a funny joint in the middle of my foot… fun party trick… so you can see why surgery with metal and all is probably not a good solution. This way I can still walk albeit slowly…not so sure if surgery mutilates my foot and then doesn’t heal…. eek! You see the conundrum Im sure.


  1. Denise and I were just commiserating about our foot pains this weekend! Now you?! Take a few rounds on the pity train, because sometimes, feeling sorry for yourself is just what you need at that moment, then STEP off gently and work on healing. Heal. Heel. BAHAHAHAA!

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    1. But we’re going to get ourselves into tip top, feeling good, not falling downs stairs shape 🙂 aren’t we Dyanne? 😀 I’m glad you told Ivy to STEP offa that train instead of hopping or jumping off. That would be disaster. LOL


      1. Just so you know, Denise, I stretched my heel and my hip EXTENSIVELY this morning before getting out of bed, and it helped.


      1. Either plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis in right foot a/k/a flip flop foot. Have had trouble with my left hip since not long after I started taking aromatase inhibitor.


  2. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! I’m so sorry, and I’m so impressed you managed the great closet clean-out while hopping. May you heal quickly and properly, regardless of the step you take!


  3. Oh dear, Ivy–sounds like a painful annoyance and interruption in life, so a bit of self-pity is quite understandable. I’ll add my “good grief and a half” to the earlier commenter’s “good gravy”!!! I’m pondering the prompt, not sure which way I want to go with it….hmmm. By the by, you know me from my previous blog–so if I sound familiar, I’m now “Valida”. Prayers for your quick healing–take care of you!


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