My First Pair of Expensive “Glamour Gal” Shoes

No one can accuse them of being too girlie.
No one can accuse them of being too girlie.

My foot never healed after breaking it across my instep six years ago. Well, technically both ends of the break healed but not to each other, resulting in a funky joint right in the middle of my foot. It’s painful at times, but more of a nuisance until this week when I tore the ligaments that hold up my arch. On my doctor’s recommendation I bought a specific pair of shoes costing a few hundred dollars. For that price I expect to get a matching bag. I’d prefer one that doesn’t necessarily reflect my new lifestyle from spending too much on shoes.

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32 thoughts on “My First Pair of Expensive “Glamour Gal” Shoes

  1. I’m happy when my feet are happy. Foot pain makes me crabby and it sounds like you have had more than your share of it. Funny, I didn’t think of shoes when I saw the prompt. When I was a kid, I was the only one with brown oxfords (good for my feet shoes). In fact, in second grade, I was known as Boys Shoes, Valerie. I want you to know you ROCK those shoes, Ivy and the matching bag is lovely.


  2. Maybe you should have taken Doug with you, to make sure you were properly treated!

    Sorry about the pain (in your foot and your pocket book). I hope you do feel better.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


    1. I felt very guilty leaving the store but then I recalled what I had just payed… the shoe sales person was so helpful and she must have pulled 15 pairs of lace up oxfords looking for the correct shoes! Thanks for the well wishes! I can use every one of them.


  3. “A few” hundred dollars? As in more than TWO? (a) your doctor must be getting a kickback from the shoe company and (b) the salesman should have provided “other” services for you….


    1. with every passing day in which I see very funny and suggestive comments like this one, and I also see how skillfully you can take innocent people out in just six sentences, I have to question how long you can keep up that pollyanna image of yours! And yeah… Im pretty sure someone is getting a kickback… over 200.


  4. That is awful, foot pain is the worst. I hope it heals quickly and that the shoes help. For that price they definitely should!!


  5. Just think…your feet have to hold the whole weight of your body! Cost needs to be less important then the affect that ill fitting shoes will cause. You may not be able to have a closet full of special shoes, but at least you might be able to have at least one pair that is kind to your feet!


    1. And believe me I appreciate them… I have always bought quality shoes but I think these are a little piece of heaven…they actually dont eliminate the pain but I am no longer walking on spikes in the what feels like splinter filled socks!


  6. The shoes look awesome zoe. And like they’ll last a long time. Hope they give you miles and years of comfortable walking.
    The most comfortable, kinda on the ugly but not really, boots that will last 4 ever are Doc Martins. Truly, they are the most marvelous of footwear. I bought my last pair in Lizzi’s neck of the woods in 1995. I wore the hell out of them and they lasted well over 10 years.


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